Investigation NISC DT Lab

Investigation for design cycle for DT lab design unit.

Identify the problem

In 2013-2014 NISC will be offering Design Technology (DT) as an MYP subject and they need a DT lab built fast... because they do not have one currently.

Design Brief

I have the task to design a DT room for my school, Northbridge International School Cambodia. Using google sketch up I will complete my task.

End Target and Target Audience

End Target: The people who will use the DT room that I would design are the MYP students and teachers.

Target Audience: The people who will look and my design and make it more detailed are the Cheng construction company, the Hak tool company, and the Hook architect firm.

Testing Method

3 classmates from my class would represent those companies and they would test my product and give me feedback on how I could improve my product.

Kun Woo: Cheng construction company

Hwan Jin: Hook architect firm

Jak: Hak Tool Company

Chhaya: NISC teachers

Shane: MYP students

The checklist will be in direct correlation with the Design specifications and the tester will rate as

  • <very bad>
  • <bad>
  • <OK>
  • <good>
  • <very good>

The feedback collected will include:

  • suggest 3-5 ways to improvement the product
  • list 3-5 strengths
  • comments about the use of space and layout
  • proficiency of SKETCHUP

Design Specifications

The product must have:

-precise room dimensions

-4 emergency exits

-2 main entry points

-excellent ventilation

-maximum natural light

-function without power

-hand wash area

-emergency shower

-eye washing utility

-2 first aid stations

-a place for students to store their items away

-a place where supplies can be loaded from trucks

-display area to display items

-tool storage

-safety equipment and safety equipment storage

Research And Skill Development

To develop my understanding of computer aided design (CAD) and classroom design and layout I used to redesign the current ICT lab.

To develop my understanding and skill of computer aided design (CAD) I used SKETCHUP to create a model of the cafeteria.

I investigated some web 2.0 online tools with my class mates and together we decided to uses for the design cycle report. We also considered other options, angel fire,, lubyth and

To develop my understanding of design technology labs I conducted some research and this is what I discovered...