Pipestone National Park

Sals Journey West

History of the Pipestone National Park

Historical Society in 1984, the first evidence of human occupation of southwest Minnesota dates to 8000 B.C., Hunters equipped with stone-tipped spears hunted big game in the area,They created carved tablets inscribed with figures resembling crosses as well as pipes from the stone of the quarries.

What Activities will we do?

We will take a 3/4 walk to Winnewissa falls. Esscorted by a park ranger. Then head to the pipestone rock monument where we will talk about alot of history that went down there. we will then walk back. Fee for musem: $12.00 ault kids are free with junior ranger program.


Weather is beautiful in Pipestone

Association with Native Americans

Native American tribes were in neutral territory where all Nations could quarry stone for ceremonial pipes.Minnesota pipestone has been found inside North American burial mounds dating from long before that, and ancient Indian trails leading to the area suggest pipestone may have been quarried there for many centuries.Ritual pipes were and are stored in sacred bundles and are part of many of the creation stories that describe and explain the origins of many tribes