Clips and Tips from Mrs. Canfield

Chapin Elementary School Counseling

School Counselors are a part of the team!


I am excited about the school year that lies ahead at Chapin Elementary! As a parent, educator, and counselor, I know just how much influence the happenings at school have on our children. My commitment to CES is to encourage compassion and to empower our students. The School Counseling Program at CES is designed to help children succeed and feel good about themselves and their efforts. As a school counselor, I enjoy working as a team with parents and teachers to help students achieve their academic, social, and emotional best. The school counselors at CES utilize School District 5's Guidance Standards with address personal wellness, interpersonal skills, and career development.

How is school counseling a part of the CES team? As your child's school counselor, I offer monthly classroom guidance lessons which may focus on making appropriate choices, coping skills, or being our best. My hope is that students learn how to empathize with others or, more simply stated, try to put themselves in others' shoes. I also hope that children become more accepting of each other and more compassionate. Children are amazing people, and we must help them feel empowered to be their best, use their strengths, and feel confident in who they are. In addition to classroom guidance lessons, I provide individual and group counseling when needed.

We all want our children to succeed. I am here to help your child, your child's teacher, and you. Please contact me anytime. I may be reached by phone at (803) 575-5931 or by email at Thank you for sharing your child with us at Chapin Elementary School!