Amendment 1

Freedom of assemble


The freedom of assemble is to be able to attend public places in public associations. People are aloud to protest. Most people use signs if they are protesting. Any one from any type of group can join and attend associations. The groups are aloud to be there as long as they are not causing any harm or trouble.


Freedom of press gave the rights for people to protest and express what they think is right. Many groups of people show up in groups and argue and hold up signs to show what they want. A lot of times there are big groups of people who cause lots of commotion. A lot of times the groups get out of control and poeple get upset and police have to come and calm down the group of angry people.

Current Use

Freedom of assemble is used in many ways today. Many large groups of people come out for different reasons and protest. Lots of the groups get angry and are not calm and police will come and force them to leave. Sometime this causes destruction and harm to people and things. Many times it is people unhappy about the government and there choices they make.


I think that people should definitely be able to express and protest what they want and think is right. If people argue or disagree about something they should have the right to freely express what they think is right. If the groups of people get out of hand and start cause an issue then it should be closed down and people should be forced to leave. I think that for people safety that the groups should be a limited amount of people.