The Girlfriend's Guide to Hosting

Everything you need for a FABULOUS Stella & Dot Trunk Show!

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Thank you for hosting a Stella & Dot Trunk Show!

You are going to love how simple & fabulous it is! In order to maximize the success of your Trunk Show, here are some tips that I have found to be useful for my hostesses! My business would not exist without you, so I thank you so very much!

My Goal is to help you earn as much FREE jewlery as possible!

Think about how much FREE jewelry would you like to earn? Log into your hostess account to start making your Wish List or click here to view our newest collection

Typically my shows are $1,000+ in sales with a least 10-12 purchasing guests. That means at least $250 in free jewelry for you, plus four half-price items!! My job is to help you maximize your trunk show and get you as much free jewelry as possible, so let’s brainstorm a great guest list! Outside orders really help boost your free jewelry rewards as well!! Here is a link for more information about our Hostess Rewards:

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Be my "business partner" at the Trunk Show

The more your friends see YOU playing with the jewels, the more inclined they are to follow suit!

Feel free to help me style all your guests! If you see something one of your friends will love, stick it on her! She'll love the personal attention and styling ideas!

Bling it on!

Wear a top/outfit that is plain enough with a simple neckline/color so you can model all of the fabulous jewelry with your guests!

Layer on the Stella & Dot and change up it during the night! You might dress up your outfit with the jewelry you hope to take home with your Hostess Rewards.

Be a guest at your own Trunk Show! Get out of the kitchen (let a friend pass out the refreshments so you can focus on the jewelry with the guests!), relax, socialize and have fun!

A trunk show is as simple as a table & a bottle of wine!

Plan to display the jewelry in the same room as the food & drinks! The kitchen is often the best place, if space allows (better lighting, and people always end up in the kitchen to socialize). Wherever the wine is, the jewelry should be too!

The day of the Trunk show I’ll arrive an hour or so beforehand to set up. Simple snacks are all that’s needed - a couple bottles of wine, cheese & crackers are all we need. (Or for a morning Trunk Show - mini muffins, fruit, & pink lemonade work great!). The guests are so drawn into the jewelry, they barely take time to eat anything.

It’s super laid back- more like a “boutique jewelry store" is opening in your home for a couple hours than really a “party,” so you can do whatever you like - but no chocolate fountains required! :) Honestly the simpler the better! I prefer the guests to think of it as a style event more than a "party" so KISS - Keep it Simple & Stylish!

The More the Merrier! Tips for encouraging Trunk Show attendance

We encourage attendance of 15+ purchasing guests (though of course I am happy to do smaller trunk shows). In order to ensure greater success (free jewelry!) for your time and effort as a hostess, OVER Invite! Invite 3-4 times as many guests as you would like to have because you will always have last minute cancellations or forgetful friends.

Everyone wants to be included & invited!! Mix it up with different groups of friends & encourage guests to bring a friend or two! Use this little acronym to help you brainstorm guests to invite: FRANCK: Friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, community, kid (mom) friends.

Make it Personal

Personal connection is always the best. Phone calls to your confirmed guests and “maybes” 2-3 days prior to the Trunk Show are also very helpful! Emails sometimes get ignored & forgotten, so make a quick phone call to your guests so they know it wouldn't be the same without them!

Your own Unique Trunk Show link

Be sure to share your personal Trunk Show link with everyone, this allows them to preview or shop, even if they are unable to attend (and your show is open online 3 weeks from the date of your Trunk Show). Let me know if any of your friends would like me to mail them a mini or full-size Look Book.

Example of a trunk show link: (x's will be replaced with letters & numbers)


#1 I will send you an email with a link to set up your hostess account, here you can invite friends and family to your Trunk Show via email (similar to an Evite).

#2 I'll make you a digital Save the Date with a fun image and the link to your trunk show! You can use this to text/email as an invite or a friendly reminder!

#3 I'll print off at least 30+ invites for you (they are absolutely adorable). We have found personal invites really boost attendance! They create a more personal touch and it never hurts to have something to stick on the fridge as a reminder! I can either give you the printed invites & envelopes for you to mail out OR if you want me to send them out for you I just need their full name, email, phone, & address info for each guest and I’ll send them out for you.

#4 If you have Facebook savvy friends I will create a Facebook event for you and post fun pictures and information up until and after your show! I will make you a host of the event and all you need to do is invite away! (Oh and comment & like any posts in your event)... this will create excitement amongst your guests!

** I don’t recommend relying solely on Facebook, personal invites tend to result in shows with more in attendance and sales.

Summary: I will do everything for you for the Invitations - All you have to do is invite as many people as possible (and creating excitement definitely helps)!

Remind, Remind, Remind!

You'd be amazed at how many forget so don't hesitate to invite, invite again, and remind!

Text messages have proven to really help increase attendance! Send a quick a text out to everyone the morning of the trunk show “The wine is chilled! Can’t wait to see you at 7pm for the Stella & Dot Trunk Show!” OR a few days before your Trunk Show, use the digital save the date to email/text to friends or post on Facebook as a reminder.

Placing your Hostess Rewards Order

Once I enter in all of the customer orders, you can place your Hostess order (in your Hostess account) for your free and half-price items. If you have any questions or are having problems do not hesitate to contact me to help you place your order.

*There will be shipping & tax on the Hostess order.

Shipping & Tax

Trunk Show guest orders will be shipped at a flat rate of $5.95 per order. Shipping is SUPER FAST (in most cases less than a week!) and you don’t have to do a thing because orders ship directly to the customers as soon as they place the order & come in irresistibly cute packaging! Tax is charged based on the address the order is being shipped to.

Looking forward to a Fabulous Trunk Show!

The only thing to do now is invite everyone you know and talk it up! I’ll take care of the rest! I will be in touch, but feel free to contact me with any questions!

Amy Parolini
Personal Jewelry Stylist

Stella & Dot

Style It!

Watch what I do at the Trunk Show! If you're curious about what it would be like to be a Stylist, let's chat about that at your Trunk Show!

In the meantime, here's a bit more info:

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