January 2014 newsletter

Sizzling sisters

Who's on top from November and December?

November info!

We had our highest team sales to date! You girls rock! $12,006.00 - yes, you read that right!

Jessica Chapmon - $4,067.00 (parties held - 5) -GIRL ON FIRE!!!

Nikki Sizler - $2,421.00 (parties held - 3)

Sarah McClintock - $1,471- (parties held -1)

Danielle novario - $1,059.00 - (parties held 3)

Jessica Chapmon had 1 new recruit - welcome to our team Sierra Hearth

December info!

Team sales - $4,182.00

Jennifer Loomis - $1,396.45

Nikki Sizler - $880.40

Jessica Chapmon - $652.92

December can be a challenging time to party - BUT- these ladies made it happen, and some more than once!

Nikki Sizler -3, Jessica Chapmon (2), Lindsay Laufik (1), Stephanie lozinski (1).

What's happening now!!!!

Conference bucks are back! From January 1st through April 30th you can earn stars towards discounts to attend national conference - there are four earning levels 2, 4, 8 and 12 star levels! Find out all the information from thirty one today!

Also...I hope you have ALL marked your calendars down for attending national conference! July 23, 24, and 25 - team Sizzling Sisters is going to be representing loud and proud - should be a great time!!!!! Columbus, Ohio - here we come!

Also, dream big - focus on recruiting and growing your team so you can promote to senior consultant and then director, to earn the leadership incentive trip for free - Riviera Maya in September sounds amazing!!!!!!!

Do you use Red Stamp? It's an amazing app with specially created 31 collections to send evites, texts, etc - check it out and give it a try!

Mega-phone icon-it is here!!!!!!