A Thousand poem's

by Isaac Arcila


Non stop writing

opening and closing books

learning learning learning

that's all we do

we rise your hand

to ask questions

answers answers answers

that's all we do

My shoe

my small, smelly

pink, yellow, ugly

shoe, that gets left under my bed
no one wants it

no one cares about it

just my ugly shoe

that gets left under my

bed with no one

Life is like

life is like an ocean

you never no whats next

have you ever thought

what was going to hit

when the time comes

you will know

the waves will alert you

good by now i must go


A bright sun shinning down on me

birds searching for their bait

trees, grass, growing in the distance

fruit right from the garden

the breeze across my face

Elegy on my dog

Oh Oreo poor Oreo he was so

playful, It happened so fast

my dad loved that do so much

he really wants Oreo back

we will always take Oreo to the park

he was so happy there we would see

him wag his tail, play with other dogs

that's some I wont forget

someday i will find, a dog like you

I wont forget about you I'm

going to love that dog just

like i loved you Oreo

Odes to my dog

Oreo was a mid size

dog, he likes playing with others

he didn't eat much

sometimes he would sit

next to the sliding door

he will see what we where up

to Oreo was very smart

he does not fall for Jokes

At night time

he comes inside

sets down on couch

and fall asleep

When I was a kid

Ink was messy

Soccer player

Ate eggs

Ate pinto beans

Cats are furious
Apples are the best
Rabbit Fluffy
Cereal was delicious
I love my family
Lakes filled with fish
Arcila family name

33 years old

I live in a mansion
Soccer player
Athlete wining champion
Achieve my goals
Cars with turbo
Awesome wife
Roger my best friend
Caring for others in need
I get married
Lots of money
A son named Jake