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The E.J. Wright School - September Edition

Our mission is to Support by Uplifting Children, their family, and the Community to Empower Student Success through Christian Values.

Principal's Message

Hello Eagle families, did you know this is National Library Card Sign Up Month? I love the public library system. It's incredible the number of services they offer, from online classes, clubs and music, to research assistance, in person programming, and of course, lots and lots of books! If you don't have a public library card, you can sign up for one by clicking this link.

Here at TWS, we have lots of scholars who love reading. It makes me happy to see them reading each day. A public library card is a great way for them to have even more reading material at home.

The benefits of reading to children are well documented. I encourage you to read with your child every day. Another option is to check out audio books to play at home or in the car. This exposes your child to new vocabulary, allows them to hear how good readers sound when they read. If your child is older and prefers reading alone, that is fine too. Some families have reading time at home where everybody sits in the same room and reads their own book. However it looks in your family, I encourage you to make reading a part of your daily life.

Thank you all for your continued support and involvement. We have terrific scholars engaged and hard working. I appreciate all of your emails voicing questions, concerns and comments. My line is always open via email, ZOOM Meeting or school phone. Please don't ever hesitate to reach out.

Your Partner in Education,

Principal Dennis

College Days at The Wright School

"It's a team effort: teachers and parents are partners in preparing students for college."

College Day is to help scholars measure what they already know about college and to debunk myths surrounding whether college is a viable option for all students. We want to encourage our scholars to believe that they can and will pursue education/career/tech jobs beyond high school. As part of our mission and vision, our scholars may have questions about your college/university.

Classroom Spotlight - Mr. None's 5th Grade Class

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Presented by

Mr. None’s Fifth Grade Class

September 21, 2021

At the beginning of this school term students were introduced to the acronym HBCU which stands for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. As their teacher it’s my desire that all my students be well educated and informed. Post-secondary education is one the most important components in the success of an individual. Attending college isn’t just for the academics which is the main goal but also, it’s an experience. With this project I hope to instill in my students the importance to reach for their dreams and soar for greatness. It’s not where you’re from but it’s where you’re going. I believe that if my students of color know of both their rich history and tumultuous past as a race of people then this will cultivate a mindset of gratitude, appreciation and motivation to excel and persevere in the midst of adversity and sometimes rejection.

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Curriculum News

Math - Review Week: Place Value, Rounding, Greater than or Less than, Ordering Numbers, Adding and Subtracting whole numbers, Word Problems.

Reading: We are focusing on text structure, main idea and supporting details in non-fiction books.

Writing: We are focusing on writing about main ideas, details and summaries in non-fiction books

Science: Updating

Technology: Update coming soon

Friday Spirit Days

  • September 24th - Wear Green for Responsibility

Reduce Day for Scholars

Scholars will have early release day this Friday, September 24th.

Upcoming Events

  • Hispanic Heritage

September 15th- October 15th

This is the perfect chance to celebrate and recognize the many contributions, diverse cultures and histories of the American Latino community.

  • September 22nd
Our elementary scholars will be going to the Aquarium! It is a first come first serve basis. Please insure your scholar will be attending by turning a signed permission slip in for them. The cost of the trip is $25 per scholar and $31 for a chaperone. (Cash only please) The money for the trip is due no later than Sept. 20. Departure time will be at 8:15 am and our scholars will be in their Monday/ Wednesday Uniform attire.

TWS Student Calendar 2021-2022

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Volunteer Opportunities

To prevent the risk of COVID spread at school, we are not having parents to volunteer for positions that have direct contact with scholars during the school day. We do however have opportunities available for families to support. We love help with copying and re-shelving books, as well as help prepping teaching materials etc . I encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher or your PTO to find out ways you can be involved!

Partners in Education

Coming soon...

September 24, 2021

Professional Development Day for EJW teachers.