The Toco Toucan

Where it lives, The appearance adaptations, How it survives.

Behaviors and Inherited Traits

The Toucan uses the 7.5 to 8 inch bill as more of a substance than a weapon and sometimes used to tear food.toucans have long bills to make them look bigger. i think the toco toucan is a beautiful bird. its very colorful and playful.they

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The food web and life cycle

Lifecycle and other information

Egg,baby bird,young bird,adult bird the toucan lives to about the life span of twenty years toco toucans can radiate heat which affects their flying.A toucan's bill starts of as any other bird's beak and grows over time.

The food web

The energy from the sun goes to the guarana plant the energy in that plant goes to the toco toucan the toco toucans energy goes to the boa constrictor or the jaguar.The toco toucan is also a secondary consumer.
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The Toco Toucan eats guarana berries it picks them of the bush then swallows them whole.
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Toucan Help

A toucan was found in the Tropical Rainforest with a half atop bill.All with the power of a 3D printer the toucan was back in the rainforest in no time thanks to 3D printers.
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