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About the Author!

Hey! My name is Lauren Spitaleri. My blog is all about the Fashion industry and the key components of fashion. I'll give you some helpful tips and ideas that I enjoy or that are trending right now. So go ahead and hopefully I can answer some of your questions!

Fashion History

A lot of old trends from other decades are making a comeback in a huge way! One that I have noticed is the flowy dresses and pants that are inspired by the 70's. This look is becoming more popular and still has a "hippie" feel as before.

Sketching and Design

Sketching is a big part of the fashion industry. It helps the designer get their ideas on paper and make the clothing the best it could be. A tip for making good designs is making sure you show all the detail of the dress, shirt, pants, etc. that you want to be shown!

Sewing Construction

Learning how to sew is a great life skill to learn. Especially learning how to thread the needle. here's a video to show you how...
1. How to thread a needle and tie a knot

Interior Design

Interior Design is huge part of the fashion Industry. One website that I like to use when I design rooms is called Homestyler. This is a great website to show your ideas of designing your bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. Here's an example of what someone designed their house...

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising is huge part not only in the fashion world, but pretty much any other industry. But the best ads have these key components:


2. Endorsement

3. A Customer Review

4. and sometimes a warning symbol.

Styling and Personal Image

This is a great part of the fashion world because girls can express their own personal style and be their selves. I love this because it makes everyone confident about themselves. If you feel like you are dressing the way other people dress,go to the website polyvore and you can design your outfits the way you like them!

Examples of polyvore: