Nov 30- Dec 3


Dec 8-15 Mrs. McGhee's trip to Ireland (Mrs. Linman will be here)

Dec 15 Picture Retakes

Dec 16 Polar Express Fun!-movie, cocoa and more in the morning

Dec 16 2nd grade Holiday Party 12:45

Dec 18 Speeding to Read movie Herbie Fully Loaded for all kids that have 25 points

Dec 18 Early release

Dec 19-Jan 4 Winter Holidays

We got right back into full swing after the Thanksgiving holiday. Busy, busy! We really enjoyed having one of FMHS Lady Jags basketball players come and read to us on Friday. Love those high schoolers investing in the kids!

I am so thankful for the many wonderful donations for my father's school in New Mexico. If you didn't get a chance to send in some winter warm items (gloves, hats, scarves, socks) you can still send it. My family will be driving out to El Paso for Christmas so I can take it then.

We are also having a blanket drive at OSE put on by our Giving Tree club. I sent out the link to the Lewisville High School angel tree last week. So many opportunities to give!

My mom and dad gave us each an envelope during Thanksgiving dinner with a letter about serving and giving to others. It also had cash in it. They challenged us to have watchful eyes that are ready to give and help others right there on the spot! So we are to give away the cash and write a little response about our experience and we will share it with each other when we are all together for Christmas. Isn't that cool? They come up with something like this every year to challenge us. I share this only to help inspire you to be purposeful in teaching our kiddos to be servant hearted, put others first, give of our selves and help those in need. These kids are the future and I for one want our future led by people that are like that!

Please be sure you have sent in your Pringle's can (clean with a lid) and 1 yard of cotton holiday fabric by Monday. We will begin our projects on Monday.

We went down to Mrs. Smith's 5th grade class and spent some time learing all about book clubs and book portfolios. She does an amazing job getting kids on fire for reading. My class is totally inspired and we will be using this model when we come back in January.

Mrs. Linman is very excited to come and be with the class for the 6 days I will be out. She is an excellent teacher and very experienced sub (I booked her in July!). The one problem is that she does not have access to email or my voice mail. So, please send paper notes with important information to her. You can also email my 2nd grade team or the office. If I can check email I will try to forward important info to one of my team mates, but don't count on that. I will be about 6 hours ahead of you. I may try to Skype with the kids while they are at Science with Mrs. Clark on Wednesday. I can't promise, but I want to try! Also, I will be arriving home Tuesday, Dec 15 at like 11 at night. I may be a little jet lagged and zombie like on Wednesday at the Christmas party, so please be forgiving of the bags under my eyes!

Have a great week!

April McGhee


Reading-We are now 1 week into our 2nd grade holiday book clubs. The children go to different 2nd grade classrooms to read with their peers. They will work together to create a portfolio about their book when they finish reading it. We also read Whose That Knocking on Christmas Eve and several other Jan Brett books. We learned all about prepositions through the books. We did a little Gingerbread Baby reading and a bunch of other gingerbread books. The kids made a gingerbread baby in disguise and wrote a persuasive paragraph explaining why they were not the gingerbread baby but a _____ instead. Very cute!

Math-We took a test over adding 2 digit numbers with regrouping. We then moved into subtracting 2 digit numbers with regrouping. It is hard, but I feel really good about how they have grasped the concept. Just google subtraction with regrouping worksheets and you can print off tons for extra practice. We have not used zeroes yet and that is much more difficult so you might want to avoid problems with them for now, or teach them how and they will be ahead! :)

Social Studies-We looked at how other cultures celebrate Christmas. The kids did a Venn diagram comparing different customs.