Cleveland Cavaleiers

by David Aretha

Cleveland caveliers

This is a book about the cavaliers history. It shows the best players, coaches, and assistant coaches. It talks about the finals and head coaches of there time. This book was really good and very informational. If you did not watch the cavaliers when you read the book you will fell kike you've watched them from the beginning of their time. David Aretha left out no details from coach to assistant coach to string players all the way to bench players. I would rate this book five out of five stars because I love the cavaliers and now I know their history from the beginning of the team.

powerful part

The powerful part is "the shot." It was when Michael Jordan his the game winner to beat the cavaliers in the post season. Every one would the game as "the shot" when Michael Jordan won the game. No doubt Michael Jordan is one of the best payers of there time statistically. The cavaliers made it to the playoffs every year for about five years straight and never made it to the finals. They always lost in the playoffs tho one team in the first or second game. This is powerful because every one who watch the Cleveland cavaliers or Chicago bulls will always remember "the shot."

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