STAAR Science Review

The World Of Circuits, Redefined For You by: Alyssa Calhoun

What Circuits Are:

Circuits are a combination of many items to create the flow of electricity. Types of circuits are: Parallel, Series, Complete, and Incomplete. These are the four circuits that consist of the circuit world, or at least the four circuits you'll be learning about today.

Complete and Incomplete Circuit:

A Complete circuit, is a circuit with a complete or closed path. If the path was not closed, it would be considered an Incomplete circuit. Many objects can be used to complete a circuit, but the best objects to use are items that are metal. Items such as: Iron nails, pennies, and keys, can be used to make a circuit complete.

Parallel Circuit

A Parallel circuit, is a circuit with many paths for the electrons or electricity to flow through. If one of the paths is broken or shorts out, there should be other paths for the circuit to continuously work.

Series Circuit

A Series Circuit is a circuit that has one path for energy to flow. If the path is broken, the circuit will not work.