About MCA Admission

Regular VS Distance Learning MCA Programs

There is a growing trend to admit learners to university degree courses through entrance tests which is important to a condition in which every candidate for advanced education has to appear at a large number of admission tests during a short era. To relieve this burden on the students, it is very essential that all the colleges offering MCA degree courses in a given state must categorize a common entrance test and the merit list based on such a test must be utilize for selecting student for admission to MCA courses by the particular institutions. Such a method is in vogue in vast majority of states for reason of admission to B Tech degree courses.

In India, there are several colleges and universities that offer MCA- 2 years degree programs after Bachelor of Computer Application Programs. If such a learner is enrolled based on his / her merit at the entrance test, it is only normal to exempt him from the courses of the first 2 semesters and enrolled him directly to the second year of the program. Such a rule will be constant with the present day thinking on multipoint entry to programs of superior education.

Because of the heterogeneous work of the learners admitted, planning the course structure for MCA degree courses is highly, MCA degree programs must also have some core programs and some optional programs. The elective components of the prospectus for a program like MCA will have to be comparatively high.

Regular as well as Demand of distance learning mca are increasing as according to the survey jobs in IT sector has been increased comparatively to past year so there are 70 percent students are taking interest in IT curses and programs.

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