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Best Online Tips IELTS Preparation

The International English Language Test (IELTS) will test you in all four English language skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking. The speaking section of the test is completed with a certified examiner and face to face and the results of the test are recognised worldwide. To ensure you are successful, here are some IELTS Course Tips:


Practice is the most important IELTS preparation tip to ensure you pass your test. The more you can use your English the better it will become. The same goes for reading and writing. Get your hands on as much English language books, newspapers etc. that you can to practice your reading skills. If possible talk to any native English speakers around you so that they can help you as well.


Before you start listening to the recording that you will be played make sure you read all of the questions carefully so you know what to look out for once the recording starts. There will be clues in the recording to help you know which question you are up to. Look out for words like firstly, to sum up and my next point.


The text that you will be required to read will have all the information you need to answer the questions you’re given. You won’t need to bring any outside knowledge into the exam so focus all your energy before the test on how you read not what you read. It’s also important not to get caught up in just one question. Timing is important so don’t get stuck on one question or paragraph, and move on when you need to. Also important is to not focus on each and every word. You may not understand everything but as long as you understand the idea of what you’re reading you will be able to answer the question. Don’t waste all your time obsessing about that one word you don’t know.


Make sure that when you answer questions you don’t just take words from the questions themselves. It’s important that when answering questions you write them in your own words. If you do copy from the questions these words won’t be included in your word count. When you complete your Academic Writing Task 2 essay make sure you are very clear in your point of view. It’s also important that you provide a conclusion at the end which sums up the arguments in the body of the essay.


It’s a good idea to record yourself speaking before you actually go for your speaking test. This will give you an idea of how well you’re doing and also highlight any areas which need improvement. When you are in the test don’t worry so much about what you’re saying but rather how you’re saying it and whether is grammatically correct or not. This is what the examiner will be looking out for. How you get your point across, rather than what your point actually is, is what’s important here.

IELTS preparation tips can help you to pass the International English Language Test but ultimately it’s up to you to work to achieve your goal of passing the test. The amount of work you put into preparing for the test will determine how well you do.