Famous People from Spain

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Federico Garcia Lorca

Federico was a Spanish poet born on June 5, 1898. He also helped organized theatrical plays, and read plays in public. He Participated in an organized group that built a place for the public to come and watch important plays. In 1936, Federico was taken from his home during the Civil War of his country, then was shot and killed.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope was born in Spain in 1974. She studied in classical ballet at a young age then laster moved to hollywood and won an Academy Award and an Oscar. She is married to Vicky Cristiana Barcelona.


Paco's full name is Francisco Sanchez Gomez and was born December 21, 1947. Paco was possibly one of the greatest guitarists mastering flamenco music. Eh is famous for the rumba called "Entre Dos Aguas" witch was part of an album released in 1973. Paco died on Wednesday in Mexico at the age of 66.