Elizabethan Era

Family Life and Traditions

Daily Life

The daily life of the Elizabethan Era is very different from today. Boys have breeching parties where they get their first pair of pants. Infants were wrapped in swaddling bonds. For the most part boys were the only ones to attend school while girls would stay home. Children had manners beaten into them by elders. Few houses possessed ovens.


The Religion in the Elizabethan Era consisted of two main religions: Protestant and Roman Catholic. Since divorce is not recognized by the Catholic church, King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I's father created the protestant religion so he could divorce his first wife, Anne Boleyn. The protestant religion was then developed as the official religion of England until Queen Mary took the throne in 1553. Once she took the throne, she executed many protestants as she was Catholic, which is where she got her well known name, "Bloody Mary".


Weddings ceremonies were very different also. The women wouldn't wear white dresses, because that tradition came later, and at the ceremony everyone would stand, because the churches didn't have pews. The marriages were usually arranged, and the legal age to get married was 14 for boys, and 12 for girls, if they had parental permission. Single women were thought to be witches if they were not married past a certain age.