On March 16, 2015 Mitch Derko went to Pet Project to get a type of dog that had a bad rep. "I wanted to see if the dog was as bad as it sounded.''When he went to KC Pet Projects web-sight he had one certain dog in mind, the Morkie.

After he got the morkie, he found out why it had bad rep. They are so expensive.

About the Morkie

Morkies are very special dogs. They have a lot of their parents personalities. Like most tiny dogs they rarely ever shed, so if you don't like to clean up dog hair, thats an up side. They are also very small, sometimes people call them teacup or toy dogs because they are so miniature. They are so tiny that if they jump off of furniture or get stepped on they could easily get injured. They are about the size of a football!

Taking in a Morkie

The first things you should know about a Morkie is how to keep them safe. First of all, Morkies usually have problems with their ears, eyes, and knees. so they will have to go to the vet a lot more. if they are limping don't worry, its probably just knee problems, they happen every once in a while.

Morkies also like to play, you can play fetch, catch, etc. but rough play like wrestling dogs that are bigger than them can get them hurt really bad. Another thing you can do with this is run. they love to run so they need space outside for them but not a lot like bigger dogs would usually have.

Morkies eat a quantity of 2-4 meals a day (they burn energy quickly.) its easier for morkies to eat wet food because they can digest it easier but hard food cleans their teeth when they chew it.

Calling the Family

Lets start out with the good old Maltese. Maltese have been around for a very long time. they cam be traced back thousands of years. since they have been around for so long a lot of people have had them, they were very popular back then. Rich and famous people also had morkies.

now to the yorkie, they started out as working class dogs. Weavers also kept yorkies in the weavers houses to catch rats and mice.


  • vet- a doctor for animals
  • limping- putting most pressure on only one leg
  • quantity- a certain ammount of something
Most morkies are very friendly.