David Beckham Both Feet On Ground

Autobiography of a Legend

The young life of a legend

David Beckham was born on May 2, 1975 London England. Ever since David was a young boy he had amazing skills with the soccer ball. Beckham tried out for one of England's best soccer teams Manchester United. At his young age Beckham was playing on division one on Manchester's second team. Later on he would move on to become a professional soccer player at the age of 19. Beckham grew up with his parents and siblings who were also committed to love soccer and their cities best team Manchester. On the field, Beckham didn't miss a beat. In 1999, he led Manchester United to the Premier League title, the FA Cup championship, and the Champions League title. Thanks to a last-minute free kick against Greece in 2001, England qualified for the 2002 World Cup. That same year, Beckham signed a three-year $22 million contract to remain with Manchester United.
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Memory #1

One of David's most remembered moments was the World Cup. I was lucky enough to be England captain through the time that a lot of these guys came through, The fact that I could take this group who I grew up with to a World Cup was one of the greatest feelings you can ever have. David scored vs Greece in a critical moment to give his team the win but the World Cup was a long journey to win.

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Memory #2

David Beckham remembers when he announced himself to the world when he scored a magnificent goal from the halfway line of the field. This shocked many fans because scoring this way was just amazing. This begun showing who David Beckham was and the legend he would become. This memory was very important because it began to show the world how much talent and skill he had.

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Memory #3

1998 World Cup was a huge impact on David after getting a red card and leaving his team to lose on penalties after a 2-2 draw, Argentina had beat England in penalties and David with a red card couldn't ever forget this moment when he failed his entire country when they most needed him but to recover from his mistakes.

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Memory #4

David and his team Manchester United was champion May 26, 1999 this was one of Beckham's happiest memory. Being the champion league champions was the most important championship in the world. This memory was David's most important because it showed the quality of player David was and how much of a champion he was. This memory will forever stay with David and it will be remembered by him as a positive memory because of his effort and his talent.

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Memory #5

As World Cup began in 2002, David and England were facing Argentina once again. David remembered his mess up 4 years ago after his red card and lose but this time Beckham scored against Argentina with a penalty kick which gave England the win against Argentina 1-0. This moment is one you cannot forget because after Beckham mess up four years earlier he fixed his mistake and gave his country the win to advance in the World Cup of 2002.

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Memory #6

David Beckham joined the France club Paris st Germain. This was Beckham's last club before his retirement, he had an amazing career and decided to finish in an important club. This memory is a huge one to always remember because after such an amazing career Beckham retires here and his long journey of not only one professional soccer player, but one of the best one that will be remembered as a legend a hero a good father and a good player with both feet on the ground.

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The book starts with David's childhood, where I read about his young love for soccer. He had such a talent for the game at a young age and he followed this through with help and encouragement of his family and friends. Seeing a young boy grow from a shy, soft individual to the man he is today. David takes us through some of his most important and happiest moments of his life to some of the saddest moments. Fulfilling his childhood dream of signing up with the Manchester United soccer club, to meeting and marrying the women of his dreams. Becoming a father, bringing up a family and of course playing professional soccer with some of the best soccer team clubs in the world and also his country England.


The books was amazing, I loved to learn more than I already knew about a legend. The book does a great job in organizing the events of David's life. I liked how everything went in order like a timeline and showed David as a young boy to the man he is today. I loved David Beckham's autobiography and I would rate the book 4.5*. I learned deep details about David in this book and I loved this amazing autobiography about a legend with both feet on the ground.
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