Freak The Mighty

By: Bailey Phinney

Coming out in 2016 May 8th (FYI it already came out)

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About the book

Freak the Mighty is about these two kids and one has a fear of being dumb and the another one can't grow but only inside he can.

Movie Review 1

It is a very good movie but it is a pg 13 movie but it is so good. My wife and I watched it on our honey moon. When we have kids and they turn 13 I will make sure they watch it.

Movie Review 2

It was a very lovely movie it made me bring out my handkerchief. I would give this movie a million dollars for the good work but I don't have that kind of money.

Movie review 3

I let my stars classes watch the movie I think some of them even let out some tears when we watched it. It was a very good movie and I should say for myself I let out some tears.