Claire Carlton


My Hobbies

  • Listening to music
  • reading
  • watching movies and learning everything about them
  • writing
  • baking
  • singing
  • drinking coffee
  • amateur artist (I can draw stick people like no other)


I have attended many schools through out my life. Kindergarten through 3rd grade I attended Central Christian, for 4th and 5th grade I attended Community School of Hutchinson, for 6th grade I attended Wiley Elementary, for 7th grade I attended Prairie Hills Middle School, and in 8th grade and I was homeschooled.

My dream is to get into a European University. Preferably the University of London, in London, England. Although far fetched, it's possible.

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My Family

I live my mom (Andrea), my step-dad (Chuck), and my little sister Annah. I am very close to my father as well as the rest of my immediate and extended family on both sides. I have no idea what I would do with out my family.

My Health Problems

I have a few... In July of 2014 we found out that I was insulin resistant. That means that my brain was telling my pancreas to keep producing insulin. My pancreas was over producing insulin and if I didn't start taking action I would become a type 2 Diabetic. Luckily they put me on a medication that helps counteract all of these things. So hopefully, this will all be over soon. Another one I have is a skin disease cased by a mineral deficiency called: Caratosis polaris.

My Bio

I was born in Hutchinson, Kansas and have lived there my whole life. My mother and father got divorced and My mom and I lived with her parents. Also, when I was 3 my dad broke his neck and damaged his spinal cord. He is paralyzed from the neck down. When I was 9 my mom got married to Chuck and a year later they had Annah. (The phone number is my Mom's and here's my step-dad's: 620-665-0540)