Shang Dynasty China Project

By Maya and Sara


For politics the shang dynasty were conquering their neighbors which made the shang empire grow in wealth, power and size. In the eleventh century the shang dynasty was conquered by Zhou. Shang ignored poor and he became corrupt. One of the clans finally decided to rebel against the Shang. The Zhou dynasty defeated the Shang dynasty in about 1050 B.C. Many Shang warriors refused to fight so they surrendered and accepted the Zhou king as their new ruler. Zhou gained power because the Shang kings had grown corrupt. Also Zhou attacked the Shang kingdom in the west.

Religion, Culture, And Social Life

For their religion they worshiped a lot of gods. There were weather gods and sky gods also higher gods who ruled over other gods called Shang Ti. People made jars, plaques out of bronze to give to their gods. Also they believed in dragon and ghost. They had a party and festivals to honor their gods. People began to write messages on the bronze jars and cups. Also they were skilled craft workers and engineers. They still have objects that exist today. They were also inventors and the noble families in turn rented their land to the peasant farmers, who paid for it by doing services for the nobles. The woman’s job was to look after the men and raise children.


The Shang was best known for their bronze crafting. However, they also made pottery, jade carvings, and silk fabrics. Plus, they were skilled engineers, as well. The Shang traded with the Indo-Europeans, in fact, the Indo-Europeans may have introduced a few ideas to the Shang dynasty such as chariots. The Shang rulers also attached a great importance to agriculture and as a result of this, farming and fishing began to grow. During the late Shang dynasty, commodity exchange was promoted and the role of commodity exchange dealer became more common. Cowrie shells were used as a currency and many stone items were replaced with metal items.

Inventions, Technology, Science, And Architechture

The Shang dynasty had many important inventions. One, for example, was the invention of writing, which was developed sometime before 1500 B.C.E. They also had the invention of oracle bones which were used to record certain events. The Shang dynasty also made the first calendar, which had ten days in one week. They invented the lunar and solar new years. The Shang dynasty recorded solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, and other celestial happenings.

They built large dikes, walls that were used to hold back water. They also built large walled cities and learned to control water and floods along the Hong River. Huge palaces and building were also found in the capital, Anyang and in Erligang. The Shang dynasty also had irrigation. Some technology they had included chariots and armour.