What's new in Springfield schools?

School board seat opening, attendance awareness + reminders

Springfield School Board accepting applications for open seat

The Springfield School Board is still accepting applications for its Position 5 open seat through Sept. 18.

Interviews for the position are scheduled to be held at a board work session Sept. 23, and the board’s newest member may potentially be appointed at a board meeting the same evening.

The current board includes recently elected members Naomi Raven, Position 4, who was appointed to the position in October of 2018; new member Todd Mann who was elected to Position 1 in May to take over for incumbent Laurie Adams; Board Chair Zach Bessett and Emilio Hernandez who were both elected in May 2017.

“Being elected to the Springfield School Board is a great way to not only serve your community but also stay informed about what’s going on in our district, as well as K-12 education across the state,” Board Chair Bessett said. “The experience has been educational and fun.”

Eligible applicants must be registered to vote and live within the boundaries of Springfield Public Schools. Springfield district employees cannot be appointed to the position.

The application, as well as information about candidate requirements can be found here: bit.ly/SPSBoardVacancy.

September is attendance awareness month!

Happy attendance awareness month, Springfield! This September we’re working to highlight the importance of attending school each and every day.

Did you know that missing 18 or more days is considered chronic absenteeism?

Chronic absenteeism is a concern for students in every grade, but the highest rates are in kindergarten, first grade and at the high school level. Data on chronic absence show that students who miss 10 percent or more of school days are at a significant risk of falling behind academically and failing to graduate from high school, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

Studies have shown that students who improve attendance rates improve their academic prospects and chances for graduation.

Why some students consistently miss school:

Students are chronically absent for a variety of reasons including

· Difficulties with transportation to and from school

· Housing issues

· Behavioral, mental or physical challenges

· Lack of positive school climate

· To avoid bullying and harassment and discrimination

· A lack of understanding about the importance of attending school

· Disengagement – students who do not have a meaningful relationship with at least one adult in their school building, do not see the relevance of school in their lives in the curriculum and do not go to school because it has failed to engage them.

Douglas Gardens Elementary Attendance Rewards