Survival Guide for Boome,Australia

By:SIerra Hill

Location,Geography,and Climate

The location of the plane crash was in Broome,Australia in the Australian Savannah.

The geography here is flat rugged(Western plateau)flat low-lying areas (central lowlands) and high plateaus(eastern highlands). The climate there is tropical with a 104'F as its highest temperature and 64'F as its lowest.

Four steps to survive

  1. Find or make a shelter
  2. don't eat or touch anything that can be poisonous
  3. try not to get killed by anything(fight back!!)
  4. use everything you had when you crashed and make anything that'll make you survive

Animal Life

In the Australian Savannah the type of animals you'll find are Giraffe,Kangaroo,Lion,Black Rhino,Impala,Spotted Hyena,White-faced duck,Elephant,Malachite Kingfisher,and more. These animals won't harm you unless you bother them. Most of these can be used as a food source but a Lion and other aggressive animals if you try to hunt them,you'll be killed.