Miltona Science Magnet School

Branching out to create an appreciation of our environment

May 2019

Upcoming Events:

  • Wednesday, May 1 - Kid's Groundwater Festival - 4th Grade @ RCC
  • Thursday, May 2 - 5th Grade Safety Day @ RCC
  • Friday, May 3 - Kindergarten Sneak-a-peek
  • Monday, May 6 - 5th Graders to Biz Town
  • Tuesday, May 7 - Grades 1-5 Passport Testing
  • Monday, May 13 - Young Writers' Conference in Fergus Falls
  • Wednesday, May 15 - 4th Grade Track & Field @ AAHS
  • Wednesday, May 15 - 5th Grade DMS Tour
  • Thursday, May 16 - 5th Grade Track & Field @ AAHS
  • Friday, May 17 - K-1 Field trip to MN Zoo
  • Friday, May 17 - AR Point Celebration 10:15
  • Wednesday, May 22 - Lisa Pikop Celebration (watch for flyer)
  • Friday, May 24 - Grades 2 & 3 Field trip to Target Field and Mill City Museum
  • Monday, May 27 - NO SCHOOL MEMORIAL DAY
  • Tuesday, May 28 - Passport Club Celebration 10:15-10:45
  • Tuesday, May 28 - Grades 4 & 5 Road Ditch Cleanup 1:00
  • Friday, May 31 - Smokey Timbers Day
  • Monday, June 3 - Back up day for Smokey Timbers
  • Monday, June 3 - Family Picnic 6-7:30
  • Tuesday, June 4 - Grades 4 & 5 Peer Teaching Day
  • Wednesday, June 5 - Back up day for Peer Teaching
  • Thursday, June 6 - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

Message from Mrs. Pikop


This month we are focusing on honesty and fairness.

Code of Conduct Expectations for Fairness

  • Demonstrates give and take (share)

  • Accept another choice when necessary (flexible thinking)

  • Act respectfully in an activity, group work or competition

  • Cooperate and contribute to group efforts

Students will be able to…

  • Understand that fair does not mean equal

  • Recognize that everyone has a different plan to get what they need

  • Contribute equally to group work/large group work

  • Share objects and ideas

  • Accept other ideas and perspectives

  • Be a good sport in competition or game setting

Code of Conduct Expectations for Honesty

  • Make accurate statements and admit mistakes

  • Accept responsibility/consequences for what he/she did

  • Decide between right and wrong

Students will be able to

  • Recognizing when there is a need to apologize

  • Differentiate between saying sorry and feeling sorry

  • Make truthful statements

  • Own mistakes

  • Make the right choice even when adults are not watching or listening


It is with mixed emotions that I write this to you. This is my last year as Principal of Garfield, Miltona and Carlos as I am retiring on June 30th. I have loved being part of each community and school. The communities, families and students are absolutely amazing. The support and teamwork has been incredible. I have been blessed to be the GMC principal!

Troy Wunderlich will be the new principal, taking over on July 1. He is currently the assistant principal at Alexandria Area High School. He is going to be amazing and is so excited to get to know all of you. He will be at our family picnics at the end of the year, so you and the kids will get to meet him. He and I will be spending some time together over the next month making for a smooth transition.

I am looking forward to spending more time with my own family which is a great trade off.

With my gratitude to all of you for sharing your children with me.

Lisa Pikop

Miltona Science Magnet School

We are a science magnet school that focuses on Environmental Education. Our mission is to achieve excellence by enhancing core curriculum with environmental projects to reach a wider variety of learning styles to provide unique, real-life experiences for young learners.