the news of mesoptamia!!!

by Sara Collins

the daily news

Sara"s wood supply!!

For sale some fine wood. Found phoenician town right by the woods. We will trade it for food and other supplies.This wood is very helpful for you to make houses. This wood can be build for ships and houses and the wheel and chariots. So,come out and ask the owner and she will barter with the trabe of animals or even coined money.

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Sara collins is interviewing a boy from mesopotamia

hi my name sara collins im interviewing Rocky. so rocky im going to ask you some quions ok. ok side rocky what do you do for a living?well i am a farmmer and i hunt deer and cows.How old are you? about 25 ½ . How do you get water? i get our water from the well.,what do you do for fun? I like to spend time with my more quion how do you work? well im a good worker at my farm and get my family food. ok thanck you

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Agricultural Update

Some relly bad rain coming!!

Today this 20th day of december 20 50bc finds us in a middle of a flood. We are expecting 18 inches of rain fall straight south to the porshin golf. we are exieding masive crop loss threw out the fertile cresent. we can exited hunger to hit all areas do to crop loss and the animals are going to starve to becase of the plats .The two rivers are going to go over the bank then the roads by the rivers don't go on it. Stay safe in this rain fall.

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