The life of the ant

By Madison Mastrogiovanni


Ants are very interesting creatures. They have a very different life style, and their life is very hard.You might think these little creatures are helpless, but they can do more than we think.

Ants work

Ants work is very important even though they are little they work 19hours a day that's a lot. Also, they are the strongest insect they can lift 100 times their weight. That a lot of weight because they weigh five milligrams . Most of the work for the ant is gathering food and carrying it backs to the nest. They find tiny scraps outside of the nest in make it food. Even the young ants work, the young ants work in the nest.

Resting ants

Ants have a very different way of sleeping . Instead of laying down like humans they sleep standing, imagine every day sleeping standing that must be hard! However, they take two hundred and fifty naps a day. Even though it seems like a lot, their naps are only one minute long. So, the ants only get five hours of sleep in a day. They nearly get any sleep because of the hours they work.

The ants diet

The ants work very hard to get their food they carry leaves back to the

nest. However, the strange part is they don't eat leaves they collect. Instead, they put the on the outside of the nest and wait for the fungus from the leaves to grow. Then, they eat the fungus from the nest. I know you might be thinking why n't, they do all the lea


Ants are very interesting creatures. They have a very different life style

I learned a lot about these tiny creatures, and I think they are very fascinating . I am never going to under estimate tiny bugs again .

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