Realistic Fiction

What Is It?


Realistic fiction, although untrue, could actually happen.


  • Could have happened but it didn't.
  • A form of fiction.
  • Accurately reflects life as it could be lived today.
  • Everything in the story could happen to real people living in the natural, physical world.
  • Characters do not have powers.
  • It can be set in real places but can't include events from history.
  • Plot must include struggles average people can face

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Short Story: The Wrinkles

Two interns are working at a medical clinic. In the clinic the doctors use the patients wrinkles to diagnose diseases. The unnamed main character really cares about his job but his co-worker Stephen doesn't think his job is worth while.

We think this short story is realistic fiction because the the setting of the medical clinic is something people witness everyday. Also even though people cant be diagnosed with wrinkles today, doctors these days are always finding no ideas. The characters struggle about not believing in his job is a problem that some people face today.