Egg Car

The egg won't break


How to make a car that can hold a egg while traveling and when it hits the wall not break?


I think if you use a bumper on your car it will make the impact not so hard.

Background Knowledge

Speed: the rate at which something is able to move

Force: a push or pull/an act on an object

Inertia: something that is unchanged

Acceleration: how fast or slow something is going

Friction: when one surface and another surface rub on eachother

Momentum: a quantity of motion

Potential Energy: stored energy

Kinetic Energy: energy in motion


The first thing you have to do is build a car. Then in are class we are going to put on a ramp a give it a little push just to get it down the ramp. Next when it gets to the bottom it will hit the wall. When it hits the wall we will take our egg out and examine it and record our data (what happened to the egg).


My data was good, it crashed into the wall and it didn't break


If you have a little bit of room for your egg to move it won't break
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