NBA Player

The career I wish to have.

Why I choose this career?

I choose this career because I love basketball and it would be so cool to play in the NBA. Also this job pays you a ton of money.

What might they do with this career and what are some negative things about having this job?

Well, a person with this job plays basketball as their job. A negative thing about this job is that if you are an NBA player you do not have a lot of time to spend with your family because your always traveling.

What education might you need for this job?

Education that you might need for this job is being good at basketball. Some other education for this job is you will need proper training and competitive experience.

Approximately how much money does it pay?

When you are an NBA player the amount of money you make depends if you are one of the best your getting paid anywhere from 40-50 million a year. Right now Lebron James is making 46 million dollars a year. If your like an average basketball player it's like 20-25 million a year.

How many jobs of these are there in the US and what is the future for this job?

There is only one NBA in the US and this is the highest there is for basketball. The future for this job is going to be great it will continue to be popular and as years pass NBA players will be paid even more then they are already.

What are jobs similar to this?

Jobs that are similar to this is the MLB,NHL and NFL because it is like the same the way they run everything just a different sport. Something that is similar between all these jobs is that you make a lot of money.
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