WRHS Bulls 4th Quarter Updates

We got this!

Welcome to the 4th Quarter! We challenge all students to finish STRONG!

Student Parking Lot

All student parking spots are currently sold out. Please see Mrs. Desimone in Student Services to place your name on a waiting list if you are interested in purchasing a parking pass. As spots become available, we will reach out to you to see if you are still in need.

COVID Policy Questions?

If you have questions or would like to know more about the COVID policies in our district, mask information, help during quarantine, and more click here to be directed to support provided on our District Website: https://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/pasco_schools_now

Report An Absence

For the 2020-2021 school year WRHS has a digital reporting of absences through our website. Look for the button, "Report and Absence" on the home page. If the absence is COVID related or about COVID related symptoms you will not be able to use this method and will need to call the school at (813)346-6000.


Reminders for Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival to Campus

Upon your arrival to campus via car or bus, students will go straight to the cafeteria and receive their breakfast. They will immediately then take their breakfast to their 1st-period class to eat. Any students who choose to not eat breakfast will report directly to their 1st-period class. There will be no gathering in the hallways, courtyards, or lunch area. Face masks must be in place before exiting your car/bus. Make sure you are arriving early enough to be in class before our 7:20 start time.


All students are to report directly to either the bus or car loop following established one-way walking procedures. No gathering in common areas will be permitted. Please exit campus as quickly as possible upon completion of your school day. There will be no bell rang at dismissal. Students will be provided further instructions via announcements. Students are not allowed to hang out on campus after hours that are not under the supervision of an adult, if a student needs to wait for a ride after dismissal, they need to wait upfront by the red benches.

Mask Requirements at ALL times on Campus

  • Remember, COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through speaking, coughing, or sneezing.
  • The face covering must cover your nose and mouth completely.
  • A face covering is required on all school buses, in all District buildings, in all school buildings and during all school-sponsored events and activities. This requirement is applicable to all students and to all employees, parents, and visitors entering the buildings and/or attending a school event. Athletes will be encouraged, but not required to wear face coverings during practice and play.
  • Everyone is responsible for supplying their own face coverings. School buildings will be stocked with a limited number of disposable face masks for emergency situations only.
  • The face covering should be put on upon arrival at any school or District building before exiting your vehicle in the parking lot. Face coverings must be worn on the bus.
  • The face covering must remain in place while inside all buildings, including as you walk into the school or district building, when working in or walking through common areas such as hallways, stairways, and elevators, and whenever you are in any room, including classrooms, or enclosed area where people are present.
  • Face covering may be removed outdoors where social distances of 6 feet is possible, when in a room alone with the door closed, and at the end of the day after exiting the building. Those students taking a bus must keep the mask in place until they have exited the bus.
  • · Since eating and drinking with a face covering in place is not possible, it can be removed during meal or snack times. Social distancing of at least 6 feet is still recommended during these times.
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Upcoming Testing Dates

Testing calendar for April and May:

April 6, 8 & 9 Grade 10 FSA Writing

April 13 - 15 Grade 9 FSA Writing

April 19 & 20 Make Up FSA ELA Writing

April 21 – 23 FSA ELA Retake Make-Ups

April 26 and 28 AICE General Paper

May 3 - 4 10th Grade FSA ELA Reading (Double Session)

May 5 – 6 9th Grade FSA ELA Reading (Double Session)

May 7 Biology EOC

May 10 US History EOC

May 11-12 Geometry EOC (Double Session)

May 13-14 Algebra 1 EOC (Double Session)

May 18 District Finals Periods 1 & 4

May 19 District Finals Periods 2 & 5

May 20 District Finals Periods 3 & 6

May 21 District Finals Periods 7

May 24 District Final Make-Ups (non – Seniors)

May 25 & 26 Make Up FSA and EOCs

AP Exams will be held on campus May 3–7, 10–12, 14, 17.

Senior Timeline

Click on the link below for the Senior Class Timeline. This is updated often on the front page of the WRHS Website.


Do you need a Parent Account in MyStudent?

Link to a video that will guide you in setting up a Parent Account.

Click Here

Link to a PDF with step by step instructions

Click Here

Did someone "Take Charge" on Campus?

PBIS Shout Out Nomination

Recognize a student, faculty, and staff member that supports and displays POSITIVE BEHAVIORS on campus through their actions and academics. CLICK HERE to access the nomination form.

ESE Parent Survey

The ESE Parent Survey was mailed out on 3/11/2021. If you do not receive a copy of the survey, you can complete the survey online at www.esesurvey.com or request a paper copy from the school. This does not include Gifted Services. You have until May 31st to respond. This survey is extremely important to our school district as we plan for your child’s future educational needs. If you have any questions please reach out to Mrs. Packard (kpackard@pasco.k12.fl.us) or Mrs. Boyles(aamiot@pasco.k12.fl.us)

Attention Juniors: Cambridge AICE English General Paper Exams

All juniors enrolled in Cambridge AICE English General Paper are scheduled to take the 2-day Cambridge AICE English General Paper on April 26 and April 28, 2021, at 7:30 am on the WRHS campus during the regular school day. This exam is being offered at no cost to students.

There are two components to the exam that are completed via paper in a timed setting:

  • On Monday, April 26th, students will be assessed on how they use their knowledge and understanding of the topics and suggested areas to support their arguments and show understanding of a wide range of issues.
  • On Wednesday, April 28th, the exam is focused on reading comprehension.

These exams are scheduled through Cambridge and there are no make-up’s or retakes. Students can’t be removed from the exam once testing has begun.

Cambridge International AS Level English General Paper develops a set of transferable skills. These include comprehension, constructing an argument, presenting views, and writing English coherently and persuasively. Some of the benefits of Cambridge AICE English General Paper include:

  • Opportunity for elective college credit if the AICE exam is passed
  • Exposure to rigorous and relevant curriculum

Students need to bring a photo ID for admission into the test.

April is Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month. Be on the lookout for social media posts from the Pasco County District Office as well as from the WRHS Economics Club who will be putting Financial Literacy Fridays on the announcements during school and on social media.
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Congratulations to THE STAMPEDE on being recognized as a 2021 SNO Distinguished Site

Each year the School Newspapers Online (SNO) offers student journalism programs with outstanding online publications the ability to apply to become an SNO Distinguished Site. The Stampede at Wiregrass Ranch High School has earned this honor. They are being recognized in the areas of writing, story page design, multimedia, coverage, and audience engagement. Check out their amazing work: https://wrhsstampede.com/

Tardy Policy Reminder

Each quarter student’s tardy counts are reset back to zero. During the 3rd quarter, we have a large increase in tardies and consequences including After School Detention and Saturday Detention due to tardies. Students need to move quickly to their classes. For walkers, drivers, and students who get dropped off, please make sure that students arrive on campus early enough each day to get to their 1st period before the start of class at 7:20. We have lots of testing during the 4th quarter which will mean more students arriving 1st period, set your alarms early! Students are welcome to arrive as early as 7:00 AM and head to their 1st-period classes.

Below is the Tardy Policy:

  • 1st offense: Reminder of policy by teacher
  • 2nd offense: Warning by teacher
  • 3rd offense: Lunch Detention assigned by the teacher, communication home (if LD is not served a referral will be completed)
  • 4th+ offense: A referral will be completed by the teacher, consequences include After-School Detention and Saturday Detention

If your child has any questions about their travel time to a class, please have them talk with their teacher.

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4th Quarter Reminders

Below is a link to a PowerPoint that was shared with students during their WIN period this week.


Senior Activities!

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Senior Timeline

Please click below to see the Senior Timeline. The timeline is updated often and the most updated version is always located on the front page of the WRHS's website.


2021 Athletic Booster Senior Scholarship Information

The application window is open for the 2021 Athletic Booster Senior Scholarship is open. The deadline to apply is 2:00 pm Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Click here for more details and the application to apply.

Seniors, Do you need help with FASA? Attend March 29th

Join this FREE event to learn step-by-step how to complete the FAFSA and get questions answered by financial aid experts. March 22 & March 29, 2021 6:00 – 8:00 PM ET

Click here for more informationhttps://wrhs.pasco.k12.fl.us/wp-content/uploads/wrhs/2021/03/FAFSA-Night-Flyer.pdf

Mental Heath Awareness Virtual Workshop

There will be a Mental Health Virtual Workshop on Wednesday, March 31st from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The link will be posted on the WRHS's website closer to the event. Please join the Pasco County District Mental Health Team and WHRS School Counseling Team to discuss Mental Health.

Zoom Link

Summer 2021 DE Registration

Summer Dual Enrollment registration season is upon us.

Summer Dual Enrollment is open to current 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students who meet eligibility criteria. 9th grade DE students may enroll in 3 credit hours online during Term III (5/11-7/20). 10th grade DE students may only register for Term III (5/11-7/20) and may enroll in no more than 7 credit hours (online or face to face. 11th grade DE students may only register for Term III (5/11-7/20) and may enroll in no more than 8 credit hours (online or face to face). Students are encouraged to input up to 14 DE courses based on course requests.

Please access the district website which contains the Summer Online Registration Worksheet for important upcoming dates and deadlines for Summer Registration.

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