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October 2019 - Monthly Newsletter

BHS Vision Statement

Benicia High School will inspire learning with integrity in order to find personal success in an ever-changing world.

Expected Student Learning Results:

  • Communicator and Collaborator
  • Critical Thinker and Problem Solver
  • Creator and Innovator
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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

1 out of 5 students is bullied

5 out of 5 students can help prevent that

(Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center)

Benicia High School's Vision Statement states that we will inspire learning with integrity in order to find personal success in an ever-changing world. The word integrity is important to this statement as it is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. We recognize that students are very likely to come across situations of bullying while in school, based on the large number of students who report experiencing bullying, so we look to students to respond with integrity.

What is Bullying?

According to StopBullying.Gov, Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.

In order to be considered bullying, the behavior must be aggressive and include:

  • An Imbalance of Power: Kids who bully use their power—such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity—to control or harm others. Power imbalances can change over time and in different situations, even if they involve the same people.
  • Repetition: Bullying behaviors happen more than once or have the potential to happen more than once.

Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

Bullying is different from other aggressive behaviors, such as hazing, harassment, teen dating violence, and peer conflict. These behaviors may be just as or even more serious and require different prevention and response strategies.


Cyberbullying is a growing form of bullying that takes place over digital devices, like cell phones. Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. It can include sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation. Some cyberbullying crosses the line into unlawful or criminal behavior.

What Can Parents Do To Stop Bullying?

Parents play the greatest role in preventing and responding to bullying. As parents, our own actions and words model what is acceptable behavior to our children. According to StopBullying.Gov, parents can look for warning signs that their child is involved in bullying - as the person bullying, being bullied, or witnessing bullying. Warning signs that a child is being bullied may include feeling sick or faking illness, changes in eating habits, difficulty sleeping, declining grades, avoidance of social situations, loss of friends, and decreased self esteem. Signs that a child is bullying others may include verbal or physical fights, increasingly aggressive, having friends that bully the child or others, blaming others for their problems, unable to accept responsibility for their actions, or increased competitiveness and concern about social standing. Usually, children and teenagers who are being bullied will not ask for help, leaving it up to us to see the warning signs or catch the bullying as it is happening.

If you are concerned that your student may be being bullied, may be bullying others, or may have witnessed bullying, please call and talk with a Vice Principal to report your concern. Often, students and parents do not report their concern which allows it to continue and worsen. Students do not report bullying for a variety of reasons, such as feeling isolated or that no one cares, concern for retaliation from the bully, feeling like they do not want to be a "snitch" or tell on someone, or fear of the unknown of the outcome. School administration will listen and work with the students involved and the families involved while protecting confidentiality.

What Can Students Do to Stop Bullying?

Speak up! Include other students, be an ally and friend, interrupt a negative situation, and report concerns to a trusted adult at school or to an administrator. Do not be a bystander to an incident of bullying, take steps to be an Upstander - someone who will speak up and be kind. During the month of October, Benicia High School will have activities geared towards forming positive connections on campus, making new friends, and spreading kindness. We encourage you to get involved and try something new. We will also have orange anti-bullying t-shirts for sale for $10, available starting on Tuesday, October 15th (supplies limited). Pick up a shirt and wear it to show that you are taking a stand against bullying and for one another. Then, on October 23rd, we will join in to celebrate national Unity Day by wearing orange and having a few activities at lunch time. This will carry over to the celebration of World Kindness Day in November as well. Join us and help make a difference at BHS!

Go Panthers!

Brianna Kleinschmidt, Principal

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There's No Place Like Homecoming - 2019

20 for the Class of 2020

This year, we increased our Senior Court to include 20 students for the Class of 2020. The Senior Court leads the school through the week of fun dress up days, lunch time activities, a special Homecoming Court dance at the rally, and then the Homecoming Queen and King are crowned at half-time of the Homecoming Football Game on Friday.

Senior Court includes: Madelynn Barangan, Alexia Cooper, Mia Cruz, Ashley Ko, Natalie Lorz, Anna Mitchell, Sada Policar, Natalie Potts, Evangelina Roth, Alexandra Yates, Jaxson Bates, Martin Bernal, Krever Carpiso, Rowan Hayward, Isaiah Hutton, Colin Lauffer, Shane Martin, Sam Peterson, Aidan Sherry, and Jace Thompson

Junior Princess & Prince: Ella Albrecht & Michael Cerna

Sophomore Princess & Prince: Aliya Komoda & Lucas Garske

Freshmen Princess & Prince: Melissa Jones & E'Jay Rogers

Homecoming Carnival

Don't miss out on games, prizes, food, and a chance to pie a favorite teacher or administrator! The Homecoming Carnival is open to the entire Benicia community, with activities for all ages. Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the BHS Baseball field on Wednesday, October 9th.

Homecoming Game

Our Homecoming Football Game is on Friday, October 11th with JV playing at 4:30pm and Varsity kicking off at 7:00pm at Drolette Stadium. We anticipate another sold out game and encourage Panther Fans to purchase tickets online to save time - online tickets can be presented at the gate, as well as students with ASB cards.

Purchase Game Tickets Online

Homecoming Dance

Saturday, October 12th, 8:00-11:00pm

Benicia High School

Entrance at the Multi-Purpose Room

Students must have their School ID on hand

Deadline to purchase Homecoming Tickets: Wednesday, October 9th

(Completed dance memorandum required to purchase a ticket)

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Be sure to check out the Benicia Unified School District's Food Services web page for several important items including weekly menus, application for Freed or Reduced meals, and access to set up and maintain a student meal account. We encourage all families to online set up their "My School Bucks" account for convenient access to meal balances, purchases, and to make payments from your computer or phone. BHS now offers a range of meal choices, including vegan and vegetarian options.

Benicia High School does not allow food deliveries during school hours as we are a closed campus and work to minimize disruptions to class time as well as maximize school safety. Students can purchase breakfast, snack, and lunch at multiple locations on campus with cash or their 'My School Bucks" account.

New at BHS - We now offer a Ramen Bar in the Student Center during lunch. Students can choose from several options of protein, including a vegetarian option, and select their choice of ingredients as they create their own ramen bowl.

We also offer a range of Vegetarian, Vegan, and Plant-Based meal options every day in the Student Center!

School Picture Info

Here's all the info on School Pictures for students in grades 9-11:

  • Picture packages for those who ordered online were mailed to the home addresses provided when ordering last week - you should be receiving those this week!
  • The photographer's website has been updated so that you can now view your student's school picture and order if you are interested.
  • For students who were absent or transferred in after the first photo day, and need a make-up photo, or for students who want to re-take their photo, the photographer will be available during lunch on Wednesday, October 16th. This is the last chance for students in grades 9-11 to have their photo taken and be included in the yearbook.
  • Homecoming Photos - our photographer will be at the Homecoming Dance and available to take formal pictures with a special backdrop for couples and groups of friends. You can visit their website to order ahead and after the event!

Picture info for Seniors:

  • The deadline is coming up for Senior Portraits for the yearbook. If you have not already scheduled or taken your senior photo, please visit the website to do so today!
  • Senior Class Photo - this will be taken on Wednesday, October 16th, during Access Period. Seniors can dress in blue & gold for a spirited picture but cannot hold signs, wear hats or hoods, or any clothing item that does not adhere to the dress code. Special this year: Seniors who purchase their yearbook in the first semester will receive a FREE copy of the Senior Class photo ($40 value)! Otherwise, the photo is available to purchase.


Free College & Career Field Trip - October 22nd - Sign Up Today!

Benicia High School's College & Career Center is providing four free student trips this year to visit a range of colleges and employers throughout the area to help students learn about the various options as they plan for life after high school. Students interested in attending one of the quarterly field trips should stop by the College & Career Center, room H-109, to pick up the forms and reserve a seat. Questions? Contact Ms. Marwick in the College & Career Center or via email at

October 22nd College & Career Trip: UC Davis, Sacramento State University, and Amazon Fulfillment Center in Sacramento

Transportation provided - students asked to bring their lunch or money to purchase lunch

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Last Call - SAT Prep Class During the School Day!

Starting on October 3rd, students can take a SAT Prep course at BHS during Access Period. The course will be held on Thursdays through October 24th. Students can sign up in the Finance Office with their student ID card and payment of $25 to cover the cost of the book/materials. The course includes access to a pre-test and a post-test to track the student's progress. This is a great opportunity and great savings for Juniors and Seniors planning to take the November 2nd SAT. Space is limited - sign up soon!

Questions? Please contact Gina Marwick in the BHS College & Career Center at

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College Application Labs

The College & Career Center is offering College Application Labs each Wednesday, during Access Period, from October 23rd through November 20th, in room O-107. Bring your application materials!

Questions? Please contact Gina Marwick in the BHS College & Career Center at

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Parent Volunteers & Representatives Needed!

PTSA: Parent-Teacher-Student Association

While many parents join the PTA & PTG when their students are in elementary school, high schools often do not see the same support. We ask that you and your student consider joining our PTSA and improving your student’s school experience by donating your time or resources to our programs. Learn more at the PTSA table at one of our back to school events or at a PTSA meeting (first Wednesday of each month at 6pm). Recent projects and programs sponsored by our PTSA include: library renovation, N-2 renovation, staff appreciation, Teacher Innovation Grants, Student Project Grant, and student scholarships. Seniors planning to apply for a PTSA scholarship must be a member to qualify. Join PTSA today!

ELAC: English Language Advisory Committee

BHS invites you to join our English Language Advisory Committee for parents/guardians, staff, and community members working together to support our students who are English Learners. This group will meet five times this year to discuss our current programs and supports, ideas for growth to strengthen our programs, explore ways to better connect with our families, and more. Meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm at Benicia High School. If you are interested in joining ELAC or have questions, please email Vice Principal Dwight Rogers at

PTSA Fundraiser - BINGO at The Chill

Sunday, October 13th at 4:30pm

100% of the Proceeds Benefit the Benicia High School PTSA

$25 for 7 Games with Prizes & Snacks

362 First Street, Benicia

Guests 21 and over

Amazon Smile - An Easy Way to Donate to Your PTSA!

Shopping on Amazon? Be sure to use Amazon Smile and select "Benicia High PTSA" as the charitable organization of your choice. A small percentage of your purchase will benefit Benicia High School thanks to the PTSA's projects, scholarships, and grants!
Class of 2020 Senior Photos

If you have not already had your Senior Photo taken for the yearbook, be sure to schedule your appointment soon so that you are included in the special Senior Section of the yearbook!


Hey Seniors, don't wait to purchase your yearbook - last year the books sold out so to give you an extra reason to order your book early, every Senior who purchases their yearbook during the first semester will receive a FREE copy of the Senior Panoramic Photo ($40 value).

You can purchase your yearbook in the Finance Office or through the BHS Webstore.

Math Lab Now Available - Free Math Tutoring

Math Lab is held in Mr. Guinon's classroom, B-204 on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school for one hour. All students are welcome to attend no matter their level of math class. Along with Mr. Guinon's help, volunteer tutors from Valero Refinery in Benicia are on hand to assist students.
The Paw - Benicia High School's Student Newspaper

Stay in the know with our online newspaper; including student articles about school news, arts & entertainment, sports, opinion pieces, politics and more. You can also access Panther TV, with weekly episodes on all that's happening at Benicia High!

Student ID's Can Now Be Used as Library Cards!

Benicia High School and Middle School students are now able to use their Student IDs to check out books and access other resources at the Benicia Public Library. For more details, visit the BPL website.

SAT/ACT Practice Exam for Benicia High School Students

To prepare for success in the college admission process, students are invited to complete a practice SAT in the Fall and practice ACT in the Winter. Our school's PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student Association) has partnered with Revolution Prep, a nationwide leader in academic and test preparation tutoring, to provide these opportunities. This is a great chance to get started on an individual testing plan, or get additional practice. Taking practice tests under timed conditions can help to improve scores. Plus, every exam comes with a free 30-minute score report review with Revolution Prep’s testing experts to assess specific strengths and areas of improvement, if desired.

Register today! Registration is required and seats are limited.

To enroll: Please register at

SAT Practice Exam: Saturday, November 16th 9:00AM-1:00PM

Deadline to enroll: Friday, November 10th

Donation: $20

ACT Practice Exam: Saturday, January 25th 9:00AM-1:00PM

Deadline to enroll: Friday, January 19th

Donation: $20

Upcoming Events at Benicia High School

  • Wednesday, October 2nd: PTSA General Meeting, 6:00pm in room A-108
  • Thursday, October 3rd: Student Forum Meeting during Access Period
  • Thursday, October 3rd: Financial Aid Night, 6:30-8:30pm in room L116-L117
  • Friday, October 4th: Panther Star Student Event at the Varsity Football Game, 7:00pm This event will recognize students from every school in the Benicia Unified School District before the start of the game!
  • October 7-11: Homecoming Week - please see information above
  • Tuesday, October 8th: School Site Council Meeting, 3:30pm in room A-108
  • Wednesday, October 9th: Homecoming Carnival, 4:30-7:30pm on the Varsity Baseball field
  • Friday, October 11th: CPT day, 2:00pm student dismissal
  • Friday, October 11th: Homecoming Football Game & Homecoming Queen/King Announcement at Half-time, JV game at 4:30pm, Varsity game at 7:00pm
  • Saturday, October 12th: Homecoming Dance, 8:00-11:00pm at the BHS Gym
  • Monday, October 14th: No School
  • Wednesday, October 16th: Grades 9-11 School Picture Make-up during lunch
  • Wednesday, October 16th: Senior Panoramic Picture Day
  • Wednesday, October 16th: PSAT/NMSQT for students pre-registered (see info above)
  • Thursday, October 17th: College Info Night, 6:30-8:30pm with representatives from UC Berkeley, Sonoma State Univ, Dominican College, Diablo Valley College, and military academies to answer all your questions about applying to UC, CSU, private schools as well as their specific schools. This event is open to all students and parents.
  • Friday, October 18th: End of Quarter 1 grading period
  • Tuesday, October 22nd: College & Career Field Trip - Students sign up in College & Career Center (no cost) - Trip includes: UC Davis, Sac State, & Amazon Fulfillment Center. Deadline to turn in permission slips is October 14th.
  • Wednesday, October 23rd: Unity Day - Wear Orange to Unite Against Bullying
  • Wednesday, October 23rd - Thursday, October 31st: Red Ribbon Week
  • Wednesday, October 23rd: College Application Workshop during Access Period
  • Thursday, October 24th: Career Showcase Event during Access Period - open to all students, sign up using the Access Event Sign Up Form on the BHS website
  • Friday, October 25th: Quarter 1 Grades Posted to PowerSchool
  • Wednesday, October 30th: College Application Workshop during Access Period
  • Thursday, October 31st: Halloween - Student & Staff Costume Contest during lunch (costumes must adhere to dress code, no masks or weapons)
  • Friday, November 1st: Deadline for Seniors to turn in Senior Quotes
  • Friday, November 1st: BHS Dance Show, 7:00pm in the auditorium
  • Saturday, November 2nd: BHS Dance Show, 7:00pm in the auditorium
  • Sunday, November 3rd: BHS Dance Show, 5:00pm in the auditorium

BHS Communication Guide

Communication is a key component to a successful school community. Our team of administrators, counselors, teachers, case managers, and staff members work to provide the best communication possible throughout the year and ask that you partner with us in this effort.

An area of concern regarding communication is the online forums and apps such as the “Benicia Happenings” group on Facebook, Next Door app, and similar pages/social media sites. It has been brought to our attention that on several occasions incorrect information has been posted and negative or bullying remarks have been directed towards the school, staff, parents, and other individuals. Spreading false information is extremely disruptive and may compromise the work of the school and school safety. Posting negative and disparaging comments damages the positive school culture we work to create every day.

In grades 9-12, we encourage students to grow to be self-advocates and to communicate for themselves. Most concerns can be addressed and solved when the student proactively and positively communicates directly with their teacher or their counselor. For further assistance, we provide a communication guide on our website with information on who to contact and the timeline to expect a response.

In an effort to provide high quality communication, we ask that questions be directed to school staff via email or phone call so that correct information can be provided. When in doubt, contact the school. Our Main Office number is (707) 747-8325. We also recommend use of our website, school-operated social media accounts, and monthly newsletter to access accurate and timely information. We thank you in advance for your support in this effort.

Link to BHS Communication

District programs, activities, and practices shall be free from unlawful discrimination, including discrimination against an individual or group based on race, color, ancestry, nationality, national origin, immigration status, ethnic group identification, ethnicity, age, religion, marital status, pregnancy, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, or related recovery, parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, or genetic information; a perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.