Joy Kalu & Bidusi Dakhal


The start to he entire problem of the Holocaust really boils down to the rise of anti-Semitism, which criticized Jews and blamed them for the end of the first World War. Hitler was an Austrian who joined the German army after being twice rejected from art school and being homeless for a while. He started to hang out at pubs and bars which is where his first introductions to anti-Semitism was born.

He took the idea to a new level trying to eradicate the Jewish culture all together.

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Immediate Effects

The Jews were herded into concentration camps where they mistreated, starved, and forced to do intense manual labor. Jews that could escape fled to nearby countries where they would be safe before the nazi came for them. As time progressed, other countries such as the United States stepped in and attempted to liberate the camps. They later succeeded.
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Lasting Effects

The Holocaust destroyed society. This devastating Genocide killed millions of people, left thousands in physical or mental pain, and affected todays society in such a negative way. In total about eleven million people were killed unfairly and those who were lucky enough to get away will be traumatized for the rest of their lives having to face todays society. These survivors still face the long term affects from the holocaust.