Mountain Shout-Outs

Volume 2 Issue 22

13 February 2015

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Missed your chance?

If you missed your chance to say thank you to your co-workers or share something great they did, get them to me by e-mail or by leaving a form in my box! Thank you!

Jen Brown and Josh Williams

Jen - thanks so much for stepping in and covering Ms. Byrd's class when her sub was MIA! I really appreciate your patience and being so willing to stay in there until he arrived!!

Josh - I know it was only a few minutes but thanks for your assistance while I was frantically looking for the missing sub, it was so nice of you to stop what you were working on just to help me out...just as we thought he forgot about our block schedule. :-/

I hope you both have a great weekend!

-Karen Polsen

Karl Buck

Thank you to Karl for delivering a lap top for conferences. Thanks for all you do to keep things running smoothly!

-Heather Schenck

Reshaun Castro

Thank you for organizing our lunches for Mustang 101.

-Brandi Potestio and Mustang 101

Tiffany Hansen

Thanks to Tiffany Hansen for always being willing to listen to a rant without placing judgement. :)

-Heather Schenck

Trish LaRue

Thanks for all your time! The computer skills of creating documents and surveys have been so helpful. They have helped to collect and interpret data that can support our school.

-RTI Team

Brandi Potestio

Thanks for being the Payton Manning of MRHS and breaking the all-time record for the most letters of rec written in one school year! You have spent SO much of your own time to write these meaningful letters to help our seniors get to their college of choice. Thanks Brandi, you ROCK!

-Stacie Rhody

Andrew Robbins

Thank you to Andrew for all the computer help and organization. I appreciate you!

-Heather Schenck

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