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Meet The Author

My name is Taylor Nicholson and I am a 14 year old girl who loves fashion, everything from throwback fashion to interior design. This fashion blog will be updated monthly to bring you the best of fashion history, sketching design, sewing construction, interior design, advertising, styling and personal image.

Sketching and Design

The best way to show your ideas to others is to use sketching! Designing is the best way to show off your individual fashion style and personality!

Sewing Construction


1. Cut out two yellow circles

2. Depending on the emoji you plan on making, cut out pieces for the eyes and mouth.

3. Hand stitch these pieces on to one of the circles.

4. Flip circles inside out and sew around leaving a small hole.

5. Flip right side out, stuff with Poly-fil, and hand sew the hole.

6. Enjoy your adorable emoji pillow!

Fashion History!

My personal favorite part of fashion is the history. I love all the decades, but my favorite is the 60's. I'm a total old soul and love everything about the music and the fashion!
1960's Fashion

Interior Design

Clothes aren't the only fashionable way to express your personality! Interior Design is another super fun way to make a space your own. There are many styles of interior design, but three main ones are Shabby Chic, Contemporary, and Traditional.

Advertising and Marketing

To have the most effective advertising make sure to include an endorsement, comparison, customer reviews, and a catchy slogan!

Personal Image

As well as feeling confident on the outside, it is so valuable to feel good on the inside! Laughter yoga is a great way to relieve stress and learn to laugh at yourself!
100 Laughter Yoga Exercises Video