Do Mints Actually Cool Things Down?


Mints only cool water down, but not any other liquid because its not and actual coolant.


For this experiment i set three different liquids in mason jars. i recorded the temperature of each liquid before i put mints in each jar and set a time for how long i would let the liquids sit there with the mints in them. After !0 minutes i recorded the temperature of each liquid again. I ran three different trials of this experiment.



the data recorded shows that water(number 1) did decrease in temperature the most, but the mints still did cool down the other liquids a few degrees.


This experiment showed us that mints do cool liquids down, in my hypothesis I stated that mints only cool water down. Which it did but the mints also cooled the other liquids down. Water dropped the most degrees out of all three liquids, but the others did decrease.