Botfly maggots

Dermatobia hominis


It takes about six weeks for a maggot to complete its development on a host, they are a creamy color and can grow from 18-22mm long once they are fully developed they grow larger, stout bodied, and are hairy.

The botfly larvae can be passed on to its host through mosquitos and regular house flies onto animals like cows and humans due to body heat causing the eggs to hatch but they can not be passed among humans.

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The host will experience redness and swelling occurs causing painful pusules similar to pimples that secrete fluids. The larvae will usually spend about six weeks in its host and then exits. After removed people may have diferent experiences some will bleed others may see fluids.


Theres not really a treatment or exact cure but the larvae can actually be removed from the host it would on its own anyways after developed. The steps would require removing the oxygen of the larvae which can be done with vaseline or simply covering it up for about 24 hours. After oxygen is removed when unsealing the seal it will most likey be trying to grasp for air then is the time to remove it with tweezers carefully.

Where can they be found?

The botfly is indigenous to Mexico and down through central and parts of South america. It is actually common to see these occurances in these tropical areas due to warm/humid climate.