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Little Deed, Lots Of Joy

It was a late night in Chicago, precisely 11:00 o'clock. Renee and Raquel Wineck, Sydney Farr and Brigette Barry were walking to the nearest Seven 11. They spotted a tall frail man outside of the small building, covered in old clothes and carrying a rusty can. Renee had the generous idea to give the homeless man a small offering.

The four walked onto Dunkin Donuts, before they reached the gas station where the man was located. They picked up 3 donuts, a banana and a coke. As they were walking over, they noticed the man wasn't reaching out to anyone or being greedy in anyway. They handed him the offering and he took it, very surprised. "For me? Thank you! God bless you!" The man beamed. Renee then put in his can, a few dollars.

It did not only make the mans night, but it made the girls night too. It feels good to give to those in need, the girls said, as they walked back to their hotel.

Runaway Whippet

Mid summer of 2014, the Farr family received a knock at the door with the last thing they would expect. Their neighbor stands at the door with her hand around the collar of Trucker, the Farr families dog. "I saw him running around the neighborhood so I quickly grabbed him." The neighbor said to Stephanie Farr.

The Farr family discovered later that day that their dog was digging a hole under their fence and escaping to run around the neighbor hood. They got a few more visits from their neighbor with Trucker besides her. "He's never done this till recently." Stephanie Farr says. The running away stopped for a while though, because they started to monitor him.

Recently though, Trucker started digging again. Mid April, he was found in the next store neighbors yard a couple times. They have tried everything from wood to a small wire fence. The Farr family is very worried, and doesn't know what they are going to do with their dog.

Barefoot Surprises

Chicago is an exciting city full of surprises. You never know what there may be just around the corner. Sydney Farr, Brigette Barry, Raquel and Renee Wineck really proved this to be true.

It was a sunny spring day, and the last day the girls would be in Chicago. Just as they thought it was a gloomy day, because they would be leaving in just a couple hours, something strange happened that lifted their spirits a bit. They were about to cross the street when the next street over, they saw a shirtless, middle aged, bald man, with a beer belly running bare foot across the street. He repeatedly did this every time there wasn't a car crossing. The strange man was being recorded by what looked like college kids, with big cameras.

Renee went over to ask the two men what this was for. "It's a documentary of the band members for a music video of theirs." The two said. It wasn't a well known band at all. It still would have been amusing to see the aberrant sight, though.