What happens in 4th Grade

By: Charlie Newton

Greatest Accomplishment

My greatest accomplishment was Fear Fest. Fear Fest was a great accomplishment because all of the writing and hard work went into it. Also we didn't even come up with science fairies, Mr. Crame did, so that meant that we had to do an amazing amount of work for something crazy and awesome that wasn't even our idea!

We had to do a lot of work including; Writing our script, making our script longer and more descriptive, making edits to our already long script, and making our film perfect using special effects and sound effects. Also, my greatest mistake that I have ever made in my entire life happened in Fear Fest; it was wearing a tu tu in front of 100 people. I really think that is going to haunt me in like college graduation or something. Seriously, I am freaked out right now that it will come back and haunt me. Maybe my kid is going to steal my phone and share a photo of Fear Fest to like a billion people. Oh my gosh this is creepy.

My Greatest Challenge

My greatest challenge so far is fine arts. It is a big challenge because we have to do a ton of weaving and coiling. I honestly don't and never will like coiling or weaving, so I am miserable most of the time. It is really annoying because my strings always get mixed up and it is not fun. I also don't like that we have to go on such a fast pace and i have to rush. That is why fine arts is my greatest challenge.

Goal for 2nd Quarter

My goal for next quarter is to exceed in math and science, by completing the feared science fair project, and getting to topic 7 or 8 in my math book. These my goals because I anticipate that my science is going to be extremely challenging with all of the parts and engineering. I also anticipate that some lessons or topics will be very easy, some will be challenging, some will be hard, and some will be just plain confusing. That is why I think that math and science will be challenging, but science fair

is definetly the greatest challenge of all.

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