Weekly update for École OLPH

Week of June 6th to June 10th

Prayer of the Week

Father God,
Your son, Jesus, looked with compassion upon those who were in need, and then acted.
We pray that we too may be inspired to be more than an interested observer, and offer ourselves to better the lives of children.
Take us, Lord, and use our time and talents to help them.
We know that with your Spirit in us we will make a difference.

This week at school:

Good morning OLPH families,

As we begin are entering the last month of June, focus will be on review and preparation for final exams. This is an important time of year for our students. If your child is in grade 6 or in Junior High, please help them plan a study schedule at home for the next few weeks in order to reduce the stress associated with final exams. Your support is alway appreciated!

Monday: Ordinary Day

Tuesday: Ordinary Day/Hot Lunch

Wednesday: Ordinary Day

Thursday: Ordinary Day

Friday: Grade 8 Farewell at OLPH Church at 6 PM

Have a wonderful week everyone!