Changes in American Families

Dilemma for some, Normal for most

Problems in Today's Generations

Many people have noticed the changes that started in the 1990's in families. A lot of the students in the school system from the early 90's until today, has either heard or seen those changes in there friends or classmates, others have felt them first hand. Some of the first notice changes were in the raising of children, most were by there parents, like it had been for the many years before, but more single parents started to emerge along with grandparents, aunts & uncles, and even more distant relatives, and some were being raised by people they weren't even related to. Much of the single parenting was directly related to the increase in teen pregnancy.

Around the same time society noticed the non-parents parenting, there was a large increase in teen pregnancy, some due to the parents and guardians of those children not caring for them, or pay attention to them as much as they could have. Though, some of the pregnancy happened through violence and the use of drugs, lots of it was willingly, and not under the influence of anything, as far as we know.

Violence and drugs are interrelated, a lot of the time, the two go hand-in-hand. There was a dramatic increase of both during the late 90's and early into the new millennium, but not all of it was due to us related issues, or gang problems, much was during the war's on terrorism, where loved ones left behind were either low on cash or need other help because of worry or other things, that those people got into things they should not, and that started to lead to other problems, and they became very desperate.