Michigan Science Center

& The Bronx Bar

Brains and Beer

Come volunteer with fellow neuroscience students at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit. Teach kids of all ages using your expertise of the brain, while bonding with friends! It's a great chance to channel your inner child and explore the museum for free (IMAX films..etc). Inspire the next generation of budding scientists in an interactive stage. Pizza will likely be provided for lunch (or feel free to bring your own food) to hold you over until happy hour and dinner at The Bronx Bar!

Volunteer Information

Saturday, March 5th, 10am

Michigan Science Center, John R Street, Detroit, MI, United States

2-3 students will run each activity table (use their own activity idea or one of ours). Kids and parents will stop by and participate as they walk through the museum. This is your chance to shine! They love hanging with scientists and discussing fun facts about how the brain works. Children will be rewarded for visiting all of the tables by exchanging their stamps in their own "lab notebooks" for a small prize. It's a very casual setting- no stress, just fun!

In terms of transportation, we plan to carpool- so don't worry about traveling to the museum alone.


10:00am: Arrive to Michigan Science Center

12:00pm: Lunch break

--take time to check out the museum--

3:30pm: Wrap up tables and activities

4:00pm: Grab drinks & food at The Bronx Bar

NGSO- Outreach

Suggestions? Need more information?

Anita Patel: anitarp@umich.edu

Jessica Cote: cotejl@umich.edu