By Chikana hirose


These religions have the same starts. Jerusalem is the starter of these religions, and they all believe the same god, Yahweh. They all have same thinking about that god.


Christianity tells the starter by Old testament. The difference with others is that this religion has Jeses, the Christ. Christianity believes the heaven, and it tells how to go to heaven. Right now, there are over 2 billion believers in christianity. The events are Christmas, and Easter.

The holy book is "Holly Bible", and holy place is Jerusalem, Golgotha, and so on.


Judaism has the same starter with Christianity and Islam, but this religion uses different book to tell. This is called Tanakha, and it is so important to them. That's the holy book. They don't say you can go heaven if you beheave good. They only believe to be nice in this real world.

Holy place of Judaism is Jerusalem, and the holiday is Jom ha-Kippurim.


Islam uses Old testament. Same as Christianity. They knows about Jesus, but they say he is not the Christ. They say that Jesus is the prophet. Prophet is the person who tells the word of the god. The holiday of Islam is Ed ul-Adha. This year, it was on October 15th. The holy book is Quran, and the holy place is Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Karbala, and Najaf.


There are about 800 million Hinduism people in this world. Many of Hinduism people are at India. There are no particular holy book, and holy place is Varanasi, Utter Paradesh, Tirupati, and so on. The holiday is called Thaipusam.


Buddhism is the top 3 religion in the world. Buddhism doesn't really have a god. Buddhism's holy book is called Tipitaka. Holy place is Maya. Holiday is Magha Puja day.