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August Edition


Hey Ladies,

The summer is coming to an end and some of us are preparing our children to go back to school and finishing up our vacations! I know some of you have taken summer off from your business as well as I have not done so many jewelry bars. But, with our new TOM coming out here in the next couple of weeks, I would love to see everyone getting their customers and past hostesses excited and to start to book those jewelry bars! Check out the booking blitz section of the newsletter along with our Team Facebook page. I would love to see us as a team can get recognition from our higher mentors along with The Nest! Remember, Maui and Chicago is another great motivator!!

Jenny Taylor (Senior Team Leader) is asking for all her downline to be added to her Team page because she is going to be doing some fun things on her page each week.... stuff that we hope will inspire you, help you, and re-light the fire in yourselves, your business and even you home life. If you want to be added to her page, let me know and I will add you. If not, I will post what I can to our page or in an email. We understand that it can get overwhelming sometimes with belonging to so many groups.

If you are for sure you no longer are wanting to take the journey with Origami Owl and not continue with your 6 month hold, please send an email to and include the following:
-Your Name
- Your Designer ID
- The reason why you no longer want to sell.

The Nest will then email you back with more information. Please make sure you are no longer wanting to sell before you email them since you will have to wait 6 months to sign back up, but we understand if this is not for you.

Meeting Recap

We spoke about writing down your "WHY" and "Goal" for your business and how that will help you be successful within your business, along with what will achieving these two things will mean for you. You need to set a goal so you have something to strive for.

We spoke about what we can do NOW to help our business grow. For example, filling out your A.L.I.C.E, block out dates that you know you can have a party/call potential & current customers, and figure how many JB's you need to have a month to reach your goal.

We also did an exercise called S.W.O.T, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats and discussed how all of these affect your business and how you can grow.

I also highlighted a couple of quotes that read:

- A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.

- IF IT IS important TO YOU, YOU WILL find A way. IF not, YOU'LL FIND AN excuse.

- If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always NO. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

So, step outside your comfort zone and ASK and if you really want to have a successful business, don't make excuses for why you're not working it! Even if you can only do 1-2 jewelry bars a month and you are able to achieve your goal with that, that is great!!

Think of it this way:
If you have a horrible party ($200 party) you will roughly make $40 and that jewelry bar typically takes 2 hours, so you just made $20 an hour. How many of us can say we make $20 an hour? That is a bad jewelry bar, so just think of what you will/can make on a much better jewelry bar!!

We looked at two different Calendars and talked about how to block off "Hot Dates" to have jewelry bars and how to block off family/friend time, homework, free time, gym time, etc...

A few Suggestions that where thrown around:

- Prepare your available dates before contacting potential hostesses and then giving them just those dates and times to choose from.

- Dedicating at least 15-30min a day to your business
- Contacting 5 people about hosting/joining
- Pass out or mail 3 Catalogs
- Schedule your Business Facebook posts
- Speak to at least 1 person (Face to Face or on the Phone)
- Make a few hostess/Opportunity packets to keep in your car/mobile office.

- Aiming for 100 NO's instead of being scared of them and in turn you will get a few YES's.

Use your resources available to you to grow your business:
- Go to Team Meetings
- Online Trainings
- Conference
- Team Facebook/Shutterfly pages

Top July Designers

Booking Blitz

Like Jenny posted, we are challenging you to a Booking Blitz to see who can book the most jewelry bars before 8pm Thursday. Get the word out that our new catalog is coming out and blame us that we have challenged you to do this! You are going to get NO's, but remember that "No just means, not right now. It doesn't mean ever!"

Check out our Team page for ideas of things you can say (for example)

Hi Sarah, I'm in a booking blitz and I've been Challenged to book the most jewelry bars before Thursday and I can earn some awesome prizes from my mentor. We have a new Fall Catalog coming out on the 18th with some amazing new Collections and I thought of you when I saw __________ (the new Army/Football Mom charm, the new leather bracelet, etc...). Doesn't that sound great? You could even receive free jewelry just for having a qualifying party! What day can you have a Jewelry Bar to help me with my goal? I have August 18th, 22nd, and a 10-12pm opening on Saturday the 23rd.

A few things to notice within this paragraph:

-I told them about my challenge and how they can "HELP" me to reach my goal.
- I personalized it to them.
- I didn't give them a chance to say no, I told them the days I had available and "What day works for them."
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Contact Me

If you ever have questions or concerns, I am here for each and every one of my Downline! If you would like to be a part of The Whoo Crew facebook page and/or the Shutterfly account, contact me so I can add you.