5BL Newsletter

January 7 -11

Happy New Year to everyone! We are starting third quarter upon students return to school. Report cards will be available for viewing on Friday afternoon. I hope you all have enjoyed this time with your children, but it is time now to get back in the swing of things.

In reading this week we are reading the story "Across the Deep Dark Sea" out of our Harcourt book. It is about the journey on the Mayflower. Students should read the story at home, and also be reviewing the vocabulary.

In fifth grade math we are starting Module 3 and will be learning about fractions. We will begin with discussing about equivalent fractions.

In accelerated math students will be learning about expressions.

We will be doing a New Years writing this week for fun; in order to ease back into writing after a couple of weeks off. Looking forward to reading about their new year goals.

In science will be finishing up our atmosphere posters, and continuing our unit on Spaceship Earth. We will be wrapping up this unit within the next couple of weeks, and be starting back with social studies.

Students have the week off for a spelling list. We will start back with a list next week.

This week students will be pulled out for snippets of time to meet with the Granger music teachers to practice and try out the instruments they are interested in playing.