Lawrence Onward #6

Update as of August 8, 2020

Information to inform your decision

Lawrence is a strong and united community. Together we will continue to move onward through the challenges of COVID-19. Governor Cuomo announced on Friday August 7, based on the current infection rate, schools can reopen in September. The situation is a fluid one and changes in the regional or local rate would cause options to change.

Lawrence is focused on making the best education system for the diverse needs of our families while maintaining health and safety. The district has designed plans that are rapidly adaptable to the health crisis. If needed, we canrapidly switch between models.

The information here expands on page 30 from the reopening document found on each school's website.

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Two Options: Hybrid or Remote

The State Education Department guidance and the CDC guidelines detail the conditions needed for a safe and healthy environment. Lawrence's plan adheres to the full guidance for opening our schools.

Daily instruction will take place with all models of instruction whether in school or via live streamed classes.

A daily full In Person model will not allow for the safest social distancing, with exceptions for smaller special education classes and sections of English Language Learner groups. Those learners will be able to opt for daily in person, the hybrid or the full remote model.

The Lawrence Hybrid model will have two cohorts, to the extent possible, divided by the family's last name (example all students A-L in one group and M-Z in the other). Learners attending hybrid instruction will be rotated weekly, one week in-Person ( attending school) and one-week remote. Remote instruction will consist of live streamed classes of the same classes/ teacher the learner has during their in-person week. Learners will log- in and participate remotely daily.

The Lawrence Remote model will be offered to any family who expresses that preference. A remote learner attends live streamed classes BOTH weeks and does not come into the school building. Remote learners will have full schedules. Lawrence will send a form asking families if they would like to opt in to the remote model early next week. Families will be asked to commit to the remote style for the ENTIRE marking period. At the end of the marking period, choices can be changed.

In the event of an increase in the infection rate or a positive case within the school, both cohorts will switch to remote instruction until the health criteria are such that school may reopen. More information on this will be sent and can be found in our Reopening Plan at

Please note:

This is a fluid situation and changes may still occur

Opt in to full remote forms will be available as of Monday August 10th

Official Schedules will be mailed in late August

Updates will continue to be sent to you

We are holding virtual information sessions at the district and school level, scheduled between August 10 and the start of school.

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