Energy and fossil fuels

Looking at energy and fossil fuels

What is energy, why do we need it, and where does it come from?

Energy is widely devoloped from fossil fuel. Fossil fuels are dead organisms (such as plants, animals, bones, etc....) that have been buried under the ground or the seabed for thousands of years, eventually turning into either: oil, coal, or gasses such as methane. Fossil fuels produce CO2, which causes problems for natural areas and our atmosphere.

We need these energy sorces because they are the best solution right now for: transport, energy, heat, production of necessities and for creating revolutionary ideas to better the world, and also these fuels are the low cost and is widely available.

The Rockefeller family's project

The rockefeller family, which used to be a rich oil tycoon family, is now attempting to aid the paraders in New York, who are attempting to stop fossil fuels being used and to use clean energy. With the aid of the Rockefeller family's funds (4.2 billion$) and 600 000 people, there maybe a decision made by world leaders in the future. Ban Ki-moon, who is currently the leader of the UN, is in this rebellion, and he has said "Mankind has always had a plan B, but we don't have a Planet B".

The future beyond fossil fuels

I believe a colaboration of a) solar energy b) wind power and c) hydro power will save mankind from burning our atmosphere and generally ruining our planet. We need to continue using fossil fuels to create all the windmills and solar panels, but when all of these things have been created, we turn off fossil fuels and turn on clean energy. But this is far from a reality, because there are some people who don't like change, and will attempt to stop this fossil-free future.

Energies further afield

Currently, the supply of fossil fuels on our planet is ruuning out, which is going to be a problem for everyone on Earth, because we rely primarily on Fossil fuels to power our houses, cars, etc... Right now, England has between 3 and 5 years left of fossil fuels to power their country, and France, even though we do use nuclear energy, has between 2 and 3 years left of coal, gas and oil. But countries like Qatar have 500 to 1000 years of fossil fuels to power their country. If these were to be exported, it still won't last very long, considering how fast man-kind consumes fossil fuels, because we use fossil fuels faster than they can be replenished.

Sweden's solution

Sweden receives trash or rubbish from world land-fills, mainly from England, and transforms this into energy. The way they do this is that they burn, say, a ton of sorted rubbish, incinerates this and is created into renewable energy. Every 750 tons of waste they receive is equivalent to 250 tons of fossil fuels. These energies are not fossil fuels, but work just as well. Every company or organisation has a limit to their CO2 emissions. Sweden produces half of the maximum amount of fossil fuels.

The effects

The reason that I am talking about this is because, if the world contiues with fossil fuels, all life will become extinct. The polar ice caps would melt, causing enormus floods worldwide, acidic rain, pollution of our seas and the landfills to overflow, most animals would have no home left, finally resulting in mankind's extinction. All of this because mankind refuses to change to renewable energy.
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