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Government of Maria

What kind of government do we have: In the Nation of Maria we are under a democracy, parliament that is Unitary so the power , but more specifically a parliamentary republic which is a type of republic that operates under a parliamentary system of government where the executive branch derives its legitimacy from and is accountable to the legislature. Since the creation of the State however, the Parliament has been used as a mere facade to an authoritarian mandate. The government is almost completely centralized by the Military. However The people of Maria have full rights, some examples are that the age of enlistment is 16, drinking age is 18, women have equal rights as men, and there has been same-sex marriage since 2008.

The leader of this nation is Counsellor Sebastian Yeager, he has been Counsellor past thirty years, He was voted into office after The Ishval Civil War. In the province of Ishval, known to be a rogue and unstable area and, at the time, occupied by the military , an Ishvalan girl was shot by an Marian soldier, instigating revolt from the locals and thus beginning the Ishval Civil War. The Civil War lasted 3 years in which the country was almost torn apart. Hundred of thousands died. There is still bad blood between the Ishvalan and the people of Maria thirty years after. The prominent general Sebastian Yeager (considered a war hero) was voted in office as Commander-in-Chief/ Counsellor , of the country. Since Counsellor Yeager appointment, The country has become a more militarized government. However since He has been in office crime is at an all time low, the economy is booming and the people keep voting him into office every ten years.

Economy: We have a capitalist, free market economy which is booming since we export many of our natural resources, our crops include wheat, sugar beets, potatoes, barley, rye, onions, and fruit. Major industries: machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, glass. Important resources include iron ore, timber, minerals, coal. However we are know for our ability of making prosthetic limbs. Some of our imports include Pharmaceuticals, chemical goods, plastics, Gems, precious metals, coins, and organic chemicals. Since our economy is doing so well The country as a hold is very wealthy and unemployment is almost nonexistent.

Heath Care: The Nation of Maria has a good healthcare system. The government controls fees, but some co-payments are required, and for the past several years, most dental and visual care has been paid for out of pocket. In addition, fees on prescriptions have risen recently, and elective treatments are often delayed. Private doctors also practice, but most people have access to care in hospitals and clinics. Both government and private health insurance are available, and immediate family members are covered under an employee's insurance. When workers become ill, they receive up to six weeks of full pay while they recover.

Maria's Culture

Religion: Another thing our country is known for is that a staggering 94% of the country is existentialism and for a country that has 20 million people that is quite an achievement. Those who don't know what kind of religion, is it is the idea that our existence is the only life we have, not a predestined soul that will got to a heaven or hell.

Attitude: Here, people like to associate with people who share the same values and beliefs simply because it makes everyone feel like they belong. In this country's culture it is very easy for that to happen since everyone shares the basic vales and beliefs.

Family: The family unit is very important to the people of Maria. We believe that the function of family is an institution in providing morals, manner, love, and socializing kids when they are young. Siblings are usually very close and remain so though out their life. Marian's don't have big family's, only around two kids per family.

Language: The Marian language is actually quite difficult to learn, it is a combination of low German (a German dialect that is only spoken in the southern part of Germany) and Czech. Its origins come from when refugees of Germany, Austrians and, the people of Czech came together to escape Germany in the 1930s.

Allies: Germany, Austria, Czech, France, Great Britain, U.S.A, Poland, Liechtenstein

Enemies: Maria is one of seven European countries that have declared permanent neutrality and one of the few countries that includes the concept of everlasting neutrality in their constitution.

Population: Marian’s population density varies around the nation between urban areas, rural areas and frontier areas. As an expansionist country, Maria comprises many different nations and many different ethnic groups. The most prominent ones are Caucasian, dark hair and eyes and light skin tone, Middle Easterners, especially in the East Area, including the region of Ishval and Nordic, blond hair and blue/green eyes.

Cities: Central, The North Command, The South Command, The East Command, and the West Command, Liore, Rush Valley, Dublith, Briggs, and Ishval are a few of our larger cities. Maria is a relatively extensive country with a large countryside population and low, but growing, urban concentration.

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