Northwestern University

Northwestern University could help you reach your goals

Northwestern's pedigree

Northwestern University was the college of a number of well known alumni. Some members include Stephen Colbert, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Seth Myers, and other nationally known individuals. In addition to well known and successful alumnus, Northwestern University is a challenging school to get into. It only has a 12% acceptance rate. This is what I want out of my college, though, so whatever degree I decide on holds more weight. The name recognition of this college would help me after I graduate. Northwestern University is a well-known school that has a history of success.

Northwestern has many opportunities

Northwestern offers many opportunities for its students. There are over 70 academic programs available. The school is also a member of the Big Ten NCAA conference in addition to many schools in various subjects. Northwestern offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. The university has three campus locations. The main campus is located outside of Chicago with two smaller campuses in Chicago and Qatar. The various opportunities available are appealing.
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Preparing for a successful future

Northwestern can help you start a successful career. The college is responsible for a number of well known and successful people today. Attending Northwestern can give you an advantage over competitors. The name recognition can influence potential employers in whatever job I decide to pursue. Though I am so far undecided as to what my career/major should be, Northwestern can set me up to be successful regardless. The school offers enough majors and opportunities that everyone can find something they enjoy. Whatever the career may be, Northwestern can ensure that your goals are attainable.


What are the requirements to get into this school?

Northwestern University requires many vigorous academic prerequisites including a high GPA, advanced classes and high SAT scores.

What activities and programs are offered at this school?

More than 70 academic programs in addition to student groups and athletics.

Why are you considering this college?

Northwestern University has a successful history and meets my needs.

What may people not know about this college?

Northwestern includes 12 schools and 3 campuses. Northwestern is a member of the Big Ten conference.

Where is this school located? What is the school motto?

Northwestern is located outside of Chicago. The motto is "Whatsoever things are true."

What components make up the school? Is there a graduate program? What sort of colleges are inside this university?

Northwestern has both a graduate and undergraduate program. The college includes schools of art, communication, medicine, engineering, etc.

What is the history of the school? Are there any notable alumni?

Northwestern University was founded in 1851. Alumni include Stephen Colbert, Joe Girardi, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Seth Myers, Rahm Emanuel.