Outsiders Soundtrack

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Count On Me - Bruno Mars

How does this song connect to "The Outsiders"?

This song connects to "The Outsiders" because during this book when Ponyboy and Johnny are on the run after killing Bob in self defense, they run to Dally in the time of need. They ran to Dally because they knew they could trust him and that he could help them. Also this song represents friendship, and this scene in the book involves friendship because they are friends who need each others help. Dally helps them by pointing them towards the church where they hid and by providing them with a gun and money. Remember that it is always important to have some one that you can count on and that there is some one in your life that you have a strong friendship with!

Count On Me - Bruno Mars Lyrics

Grenade - Bruno Mars

How does this song connect to "The Outsiders"?

This connects to "The Outsiders" because Ponyboy and his "brothers" would do anything to protect each other even "catch a grenade". The reason they would this is because even though they aren't all related they are like brothers, and even though it may not seem like it but they all love each other and truly would do anything for one an other. There is more than one scene in the book that this song would represent and one of those scenes was when Ponyboy was being drowned by Bob and Johnny who was scared and had already been beat up by Bob and his gang had stabbed Bob and killed him. He did this to protect Ponyboy, and this shows that they'd do anything for each other.

Bruno Mars - Grenade [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Hero - Mariah Carey

How does this song connect to "The Outsiders"?

This song to connects to a veryimportant event in the book which would be "They're probably around here somewhere. You can't tell with all this excitement where they might be."

"No." She shook her head. "They've been missing for at least a half an hour. I thought they were climbing the hill..."
Then we all froze. Faintly, just faintly, you could hear someone yelling. And it sounded like it was coming from inside the church.
The woman went white. "I told them not to play in the church... I told them..." She looked like she was going to start screaming, so Jerry shook her.
"I'll get them, don't worry!" I started at a dead run for the church, and the man caught my arm. "I'll get them. You kids stay out!"
I jerked loose and ran on. All I could think was: We started it. We started it. We started it!" This scene from "The Outsiders" represents Hero by Mariah Carey because this song means that you have inner strength and you are your own hero. This scene contributes to this song because Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally all where heroes and ended up saving the kids and they did get hurt. Also they saved the kids without any hesitation and were true heroes both in reality and in their hearts.
Mariah Carey - Hero

Raging Fire - Phillip Phillips

How does this song connect to "The Outsiders"?

This song represents "The Outsiders" because it describes how we are thick and thin until our last days which means we will be happy or sad until we die. Also it says that we live until we die which I think describes the characters in "The Outsiders" because they are living until they die or until they loose in fight. This describes them fights because they are full of raging fire during the fights and take anger and frustration out on their opponents. This song "Raging Fire" truly does represent the main characters emotions and how they live life.

Phillip Phillips - Raging Fire (Lyric Video)

Sorry - Buckcherry

How does this song connect to "The Outsiders"?

This song describes Darry. This song describes him because he had hit and yelled at Ponyboy and should have told him he's sorry but he couldn't ever tell him how he truly felt because it never came out right, and he's just sorry because they're brothers and should love each other rather than never say sorry.

Buckcherry-Sorry Lyrics

How To Save A Life - The Fray

How does this song connect to "The Outsiders"?

This song describes Ponyboy because had lost a very important friend (Johnny) and how he had a great grin. Also it describes Pony's wonder of were he had gone wrong!

The Fray - How to save a life (lyrics)